A SOLDIER has been arrested after he went berserk and attempted to blow up a shopping 
complex in Queenspark West suburb, Bulawayo using dangerous explosives following an
altercation with shop attendants.

Admire Mangeya sent shoppers, imbibers, vendors and workers at the shopping complex 
running for their lives at about 4PM on Tuesday after he set the explosives in protest
over a spilt glass of beer.
He was immediately apprehended by the police who recovered the explosives.
Witnesses, who could not identify the type of explosives, said an army bomb squad told
them that if they had detonated, they would have razed the entire complex.

When The Chronicle visited Mangeya rented home in Queenspark West yesterday morning, 
police officers and officials from the Zimbabwe National Army One Infantry Brigade
were searching his house for explosives.

The exercise took more than an hour during which a handcuffed Mangeya and his wife,
only identified as Mai Craig, were assisting detectives with the search.Shop attendants
at Regal Supermarket at the shopping complex told The Chronicle that Mangeya lost his
marbles after one of them spilled his glass of beer while he was playing pool with
friends.We usually have a problem with people who come to our shop to play pool. They
cheat by using old coins as tokens. Mangeya and his friends were playing the game and
my aunt, Ms Rumbidzai Mukerekete, approached them and told them to notify her before
they punch tokens into the machine.
She accidentally spilled Mangeya drink and he became angry and violent, threatening to
beat us up. He shouted obscenities at the top of his voice. He eventually calmed down
after some shoppers spoke to him and we reimbursed him $1 for his drink and promised 
to buy his water glass,said Miss Mary Shumba, one of the workers at Regal Supermarket.
She said Mangeya went away but later came back with some explosives that he connected 
to electric cables while he was sitting at the entrance to the shop.
Initially we thought it was a joke but we realised that he was serious after he left 
the explosives at the door and stood at a distance.People started screaming for help 
and fled from the shops. After the explosives failed to detonate at the expected time,
he ran back to reset them.
Fortunately there were police officers nearby who quickly apprehended him and took 
away the explosives,said a terrified Ms Shumba.
She added that Mangeya was arrested and taken to Queenspark Police Station.
A visibly traumatised Ms Mukerekete was sobbing yesterday and struggled to narrate the
terrifying incident to this newspaper.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday declined to comment,
referring questions to the ZNA.
ZNA public relations officer Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore yesterday said he could
not comment as he had had not received information about the incident.
help you because i`m in a meeting,said Lt Col Makotore.

Source: News