15-year-old girl had unprotected s*x with her uncle & now she has a baby


A 15 year old Emganwini girl in Bulawayo shocked her family and relatives when she revealed that she was raped and impregnated by her uncle.

The minor told her mother days before she gave birth.

According to B-Metro, when the girl’s mother struggled to raise her bus fare, she sent her to leave with her 30-year-old uncle in Mzilikazi.

The girl was in form Two at Sobukazi High school in Mzilikazi.

 She stayed for just two weeks and her uncle never wasted time to pounce on her on two different occasions.

“I had difficulties raising my daughter’s bus fare to commute from home to school.

“Now I am regretting seeking aid from her uncle who proved to be heartless as he stole my child’s innocence,” said the mother.

The girl is said to have told her classmates about the rape but never to her mother.

However, she initially said the landlords 16 year old had raped her but nine months later she shifted to her uncle as the culprit. 

Source: B-Metro