A handcuffed man ran away from Police officers & threw himself under an on-coming haulage truck (Picture)


A handcuffed suspect who allegedly stole $500 from a trust fund ran away from two Police officers escorting him from Masvingo to Harare and threw himself under an on-coming haulage truck on Thursday (4 December 2014) morning.

He died on the spot when the haulage truck dragged him for several metres thereby ripping open his abdomen.

The incident happened in Masvingo along Masvingo Harare Road in the leafy suburb of Rhodhene.

The Accident Scene

The man has only been identified as Makuzha and he is understood to have been on the run for some time. He was arrested in Bikita and was being taken to Harare where the crime was committed.

Police had not commented on the case at the time of going to Press.

According to an eyewitness officers who were on the suspect’s watch were resting under a tree while the suspect was standing a distance as they were waiting for transport to Harare. The suspect however ran into a speeding truck which dragged him for a distance and was almost cut into two pieces exposing his intestines.

Source: Masvingo Mirror