A man & his 2 sons arrested at the border with US$5.5 Million cash


A man and  his two sons were arrested at the Lebombo Border post  after they were found in possession of $5,5 million equal to R83,7 million in crisp of $100 bills.

Daily Sun reported that after all, they had easily passed other routine stop-and-search operations on the way to the Mozambican border, with cops failing to find anything.

But one alert cop at Lebombo Border Post spotted something strange about the base of their Toyota Hilux double cab bakkie – and found a secret compartment!

In it they had stashed $5,5 million (R83,7 million) in crisp $100 bills!

Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said the bust happened on Christmas day.

He said the base of the bakkie was cut and a false compartment had been built underneath.

“The men managed to skip roadblocks on their way to the border but at the last road block the cut was spotted. They could not give the police a clear explanation and we decided to open it. The money, all in American dollars, was stacked in batches,” said Mohlala.

South African Revenue Service official (SARS) at the Lebombo Border Post ,Memory Ndou, confirms that the 3 men were arrested at the border.

The money was hidden on the back of the bakkie after a search by customs officials. It was not declared at the border. Police were alerted and the 3 were arrested on the spot. It took officials five hours to count the money.

Officials at the Lebombo Border Post say that this is their biggest bust in history. The police are working with their Mozambican counterparts to determine if the two suspects are part of a bigger syndicate.
The three will appear in court today.

Source: Daily Sun