A senior Zanu-PF party coordinator embroiled in a s*x scandal with a married woman


A ZANU-PF party co-ordinator for Insuza District in Matabeleland South Province is allegedly embroiled in a s*x scandal in which he is alleged to have demanded s*xual favours from a married woman he reportedly assisted in acquiring a residential stand in the district. 

In a bid to force the victim (name withheld) to bow down to his s*xual demands, Agrippa Ndlukula (65), is alleged to have threatened her saying if she continued denying him s*x he was going to make her disappear. 

Agrippa Ndlukula has been arrested for allegedly sodomising a nine-year-old girl and raping her mother on separate occasions for four months while threatening to make them disappear if they reported the assaults.

Agrippa Ndlukula of Valley Farm in Fort Rixon denied the charges when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa facing two counts of aggravated indecent assault and rape.

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Prosecuting, Taurai Hondoyemoto told the court that on October 8 this year, at around 7AM, Ndlukula went to the minor girl’s homestead and found her alone.

“Ndlukula summoned the minor girl to the bedroom and ordered her to lie down; she complied and he lay on her stomach. He knelt down, removed her skirt and pants and had anal s*x with her, without her consent,” said Hondoyemoto.
The court heard that after the disgusting act, the girl dressed herself and Ndlukula ordered her not to tell anyone.
“On October 10, the girl told Ndlukula that she was suffering from an injury on her anus, and he kept quiet. Later he told the police about the girl’s illness. When the police attended to the matter, she revealed that she had been abused by Ndlukula leading to his arrest,” said the prosecutor. She was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals for examination.

On another charge, the court heard that sometime last year, Ndlukula facilitated the issuing of a rural stand to the girl’s parents.
“He brought an idea that they start a gardening project together, as business partners. He would visit their rural home to check on the progress of the project and spend some days there,” Hondoyemoto said.
The girl’s father who spent most of the time at his place of employment became suspicious of his wife and Ndlukula. He asked them if they were having an affair but they denied the allegation.
The court heard that he then deserted his family on the basis of the suspicion of the alleged affair and sent groceries for their survival.
It is alleged that from July to October 6 this year, Ndlukula would go to the minor girl’s mother and order her to have s*xual intercourse with him while her children were asleep.
“The complainant refused to have s*xual intercourse with him but he would threaten her saying he was supporting the family and also threatened to make her disappear,” Hondoyemoto told the court.
He raped her several times in four months.
On October 6, the 35-year-old woman told her husband who encouraged her to make a police report.
Ndlukula, who had pleaded to be remanded out of custody as he is employed as a farm worker, was remanded in custody to October 28.
He was told to apply for bail at the High Court

Ndlukula reportedly facilitated the issuing of a rural stand to the victim and her husband at Pioneer Village 4 in Fort Rixon.

Ndlukula suggested that they start a gardening project with them and it was agreed that during his visits to check on their progress he would the couple’s kitchen as his bedroom. 

He is then said to have pestered and threatened the woman since her husband was always away at Plot 9 Glenco Farm where he works.  

Fearing for her life, the woman is alleged to have invited Ndlukula to her homestead to have s*x with her. 

It is reported that Ndlukula had made it a norm to go to the woman’s homestead and have s*x with her until the seemingly fed-up victim bitterly complained to her husband.

Source: B-Metro