A woman stripped nak*d while watching a kombi driver being strangled to death in full view of passengers by three police officers


Marondera – A woman stripped naked beyond her undergarments while watching a kombi driver being strangled to death in full view of passengers by three police officers demanding a $10 bribe in Murehwa road, close to Bernard Mizeki College.

The kombi driver, Mr Mugove Munonge(29), ferrying passengers from Murehwa to Marondera, was murdered on Saturday after he failed to release the bribe.

The cops who have since been arrested and are assisting with investigations, have sparked outrage for the incident in which an old woman, one of the passengers, stripped completely nak*d to her undergarments as she protested to the brutal murder.
The incident occurred at a farm called Bemba, close Bernard Mizeki college and police have confirmed the incident occurred at around 3pm. Sources reveal with evidence the three cops demanded a $10 bribe from Mugove Manonge (29) after they had arrested him at the roadblock.

Manonge allegedly told them that he only had $5 on him, resulting in an argument with the cops who assaulted him until he fell unconscious.

He died on the spot of the strangulation according to the police report (case number CR 05/11/12).

A family source told ZimEye, “What happened was while this kombi was travelling going past  Bernard Mzeki in the Marondera  – Murehwa , there was a road block. The police pulled him to the side wanting a bribe.

“He said he did not have money, and asked one of the cops to come with him so he can give them money as soon as it can be found nearby. But the cops shouted back saying they did not believe him and saying he was hiding the money. They swiftly handcuffed him, and started beating him up. During the beating, one of the cops with both hands strangled him at the throat.

“All this happened in full view of the passengers . They didn’t stop their beating up to the stage that he started to wreathe continuously, all the way until he lay on the ground lifeless.

“My cousin, Dave who was the Hwindi (conductor) came out and went to the cops and confronted to them telling them to the face that they have killed him.

“Drama ensued when an old woman stripped nak*d in protest. The commotion continued with people reacting in anger at what had happened while others filmed and photographed everything.

“Dave(the Hwindi), who is also a driver, then took the kombi with the passengers and managed to drive the body away to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

 “The post mortem was done, we have got the results and it reveals that he died of strangulation.”

He is due to be buried at a place called Chinyonga.

Kombi owners have refused to bury him and said they want to launch a mass demonstration first.

The demo is to be held today in Marondera.

The post mortem conducted at the local hospital confirms that he was strangled. It states he passed away of “ death by strangulation.”

“It’s not fair to be honest,” commented the London based “Diaspora Feels It” coordinator Martin Chinyanga.

Surely for someone who has paid to buy his own kombi and then later he is chained, beaten up and killed by cops who should be protecting him,”  he added.

Source: ZimEye