Alick Macheso explains why he is now in so much love with his first wife & why he is celebrating his birthday 4 days before the date he was born


Alick Macheso Show

Belated birthday celebrations are common but early celebrations are rare.
Alick Macheso has decided to go for the rare celebrations by having a birthday party four days before the date he was born. Obviously, pessimists and superstitious heads would promptly ask “what if. . . ?” because of myths associated with early birthday parties.

But the sungura ace, who was born on June 10 1968, feels celebrating his birth four days in advance is as good as doing so on the actual date.

He turns 46 next Tuesday and the party is on tonight at Andy Millar Hall where Suluman Chimbetu, Soul Jah Love, Diana Samkange, Peter Moyo and Progress Chipfumo are billed to perform.

Macheso says he wants to celebrate his birthday with fans hence the choice of doing so at a Friday show.

Ironically, next Friday would be closer to his birthday than tonight.

He could have held a show three days after June 10 instead of four days before.

But Baba Shero had other ideas. He has always been unpredictable.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment yesterday, the musician spoke glowingly about tonight’s celebrations.

“I am happy to get this opportunity to celebrate with my fans. It is a good day for me and I am very excited,” he began his birthday message. It does not matter when you were born. What is important is that you were born and you are alive. That calls for celebration.

“I want to thank God for taking me this far because many that could have been my age have passed away. Some died at birth, others died a day later, some years later and some even died yesterday. I have faith that God will keep me through the celebrations to the actual day I was born and I pray for many more years.”

The musician thanked his parents.

“I want to thank my parents ‘ivavo vananyakutumbura’. I am here because of them and they mean a lot in my life. I salute them forever.”

Macheso expressed gratitude to his fans for supporting him through thick and thin during his career.

“My fans have supported me for many years. Some support me through buying music, others listen to the music while some come to our shows. Their support is great. No musician survives in showbiz without fans.

“We have fans across the world and I have been happy at most shows in the country and abroad. We have toured South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries. Our fans are all over. They mean a lot to us.”
The musician also had praises for promoters.

“I have worked with many promoters in and outside the country. They help us reach out to our fans and they make holding shows easy for us. I have worked with the likes of Chris Musabayane, Partson Chimbodza, Josh Hozheri, Chiedza Chizororo, Mama Red Rose (Barbara Chikosi), and many more. I can’t mention all by names. They are so many and I love them all.”

Macheso said he was happy some organisations had shown confidence in him and engaged him for various endorsements. Bakers Inn, Nash Paints and Red Cross of Zimbabwe are some of the organisations he mentioned.

Then he turned to his family.

“I want to thank my family, especially my wife Amai Sharo (Nyadzisai). She is my pillar of strength and she is the one who takes care of me.

“She ensures that I go on stage in good shape and has been by my side through thick and thin. She is a lovely wife. I also want to thank my children for their encouragement. They make me work hard.”

Macheso was born in Bindura and grew up at a farm in Shamva where he learnt how to play the guitar as a young boy.

When he relocated to Harare, he worked under the mentorship of Shephered Chinyani and joined Khiama Boys where he worked with Nicholas Zakaria for many years.

He left Khiama Boys with Zacharia Zakaria in 1997 and they released their debut album as Orchestra Mberikwazvo in 1998. Since then, it has been an eventful journey for Macheso who has so far released nine albums.

Source: Herald