Andy Brown’s widow caught red-handed in bed with a married man & got bashed


The widow to the late music great, Andy Brown – Nadine Stoddart was yesterday humiliated and given a thorough hiding by a married Harare woman after she(Nadine) snatched her husband and spent the night with him at her Cranborne house.

The married man at the centre of the storm has been identified as David Kandawasvika

Nadine has a one month old baby and Kandawasvika is rumoured to be the father.

Distraught … Andy Brown’s widow Nadine being consoled by relatives

According to H-Metro the embarrassing incident happened early on Sunday morning. Nadine and Kandawasvika were attacked by Kandawasvika’s wife who arrived in the early hours of the morning furious like cornered cobra!

The woman is said to have caused chaos in the neighbourhood as she smashed the windows at House Number 8 Gibbinggs Road.

“You want my husband to die of HIV and AIDS?. Why are you after my husband when single men are out there? I will teach you a lesson today” Kandawasvika’s wife was heard shouting at Nadine.

Several window panes where shattered in the chaos.

Nadine refused to entertain the pesky journalists and locked herself in an inside room at her house.

Kandawasvika, who is known as Gaza commander in Mbare and Dancehall circles could not be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered.

But one of Nadine’s relatives, believed to be a brother threatened Aaron Nyamayaro with unspecified action.

“You will not talk to Nadine. Get away from here,” fumed the man as he closed the gate.

“Did I at one point come to your house and interfere in your affairs? Why do you come here to intimidate my family with your bullshit stories?,” he charged!

“U betta leave dis place in peace or else you’ll dance 2 da muzik ‘exe'”.

Nadine Brown is a very good musician like hubby Andy Brown …see Video from 8:10

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Source: Hmetro


  1. TAndy Brown died, and he is not coming back. The widow is right, she should move on. Have you ever felt the wanton stings? Libido? Have you ever be sexually starved and extremely horny? If not, i will pardon you for failing to understand the widow’s quagmire. The African culture permits her to be married to another man, or even enter into a polygamous marriage. Kuqala ngaye yini ukufelwa alale leyinye indoda.