Another Zimbabwe married woman caught red-handed having s*x in the office with her boss at work


As the nation is still battling to come to terms with cheating Faith Mutema’s saga, another set of cheaters has been caught red-handed.

A married foreman at Big Cool Company in Harare was last week caught red-handed, having s*x with his subordinate in one of the bailers’ rooms  after fellow workers had left to attend a funeral.

Zondai Manyanga is reported to have abusively ordered Talent Chimedza (25) to stay behind as others attended a funeral which led to their shenanigans. Sources said Talent had separated with her husband and was obviously s*x starved as she could not be ‘serviced’ daily as married women are used to, hence she ended up being embroiled in a workplace romance with Manyanga, it is alleged.

One of the line managers, only identified as Mapaike, is said to have suspected the move and after reading their movements, he forced the door open, only to find Zondai’s anaconda feasting on Talent’s honey pot.

“They had prepared the place as if they are in their bedroom. So when Mapaike heard Talent groaning in s*xual pleasure, he pushd the door open and found the two half naked, in action,” said the source.

The incident has spread to other branches in Mutare and Masvingo, which prompted the ‘s*xed’ Talent to be put on forced leave so as to calm the storm, the source added.

The company whose premises are along High Glen Road near Glen View, is still awash with Talent’s s*xual scandal with the married man. Talent confirmed the incident but tried playing it safe by alleging that she was sleeping in the room and not having s*x with Manyanga after reporters tracked her to her place of residence.

“It was cold on that day and others were chosen to attend a funeral of one of our workmates who lost his two relatives to the same day. When it is cols our business is low since we sell freezits and I together with my sister whom I work with decided to rest in that room. My sister then left the room and Manyanga came in and he was busy writing his books while I was asleep,” she claimed.

“One of our bosses, Mapaike, came and pushed the door open, injuring my leg in the process and started asking what we were doing in the room. I had laid a blanket and my zambia on the floor and Mapaike became suspicious and thought we were having s*x. I am married and Manyanga is married as well. So we cannot do that, especially at work,” she claimed.

“I do not remember Manganga proposing love to me and other branches are spreading falsehoods and Mapaike is not telling the truth about what he saw. I have been asked along with other workers to apply for leave and I will be back at work by the 26th of this month,” she said.

Manyanga claimed that the room in which he was caught with Talent is too small to accommodate many people.

“I am not in love with Talent as alleged and on the day in question, only elderly people were chosen to attend the funeral. Mapaike never knocked the door, only to force it open and he injured Talent’s leg because the room small and cannot accommodate many people. He never saw us naked or having s*x. I think this story will bot go well with our customers if published since we are in the food industry. It is better for you not to publish it if you understand our position,” he said.

Production manager who was only identified as Chamu referred reporters to the company director, one Mr Takawira who was not reachable at the time of going to press.

Source: H-Metro