Big Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem are no longer an item, Pokello dumps Elikem over sugar mama


Fans of International lovers, Pokello Nare and Elikem Kumordzie, will be heartbroken to learn that the two lovers who hooked up on TV have ended it on Twitter!

We all wondered when the incessant posts detailing how much they loved each other abruptly came to a halt on social media. Someone tipped us all was not well but the couple dismissed our reports as lunacy!

The shocker came however when she missed his birthday celebrations, knowing how much she loves attention we knew something was amiss.

Big Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem
Big Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem

All was bared on social media last night however when Pokello exposed the 46-year-old cougar that Elikem dated before Big Brother where he met Pokello.

Apparently Elikem is a naughty guy who likes to swing it with cougars from time to time.

Happy Times, Pokello and Elikem

Elikem was not at all amused by the post and publicly asked her to take it down. He revealed that she is not taking his calls and that Pokello had dumped him three months ago. He then confessed that the media reports that he had dated a sugar mama were true despite the fact that they had dismissed the story by Ghana media as fabrication by haters!

We don’t blame the brother, we have heard from ‘reliable sources’ that elderly women have the expertise and are open to new experiences. Unlike the average girlfriend, we are told that they simply want to have fun and will not attempt to trap the Ben Ten into marriage, children or even an exclusive relationship. They are not interested in drama or games, as that would interfere with the pleasure they enjoy.

Meanwhile, Rapper and comedian CST, could not let the whole thing go by without  a comment, he came up with a nice one, here reads a bit from a Facebook post in which he analysed the breakup:

“Both Pokello and Elikem vaka surpriza vadiwa vavo by starting a new relationship mu house pa public.

The bible calls it reaping wat u sow

Don even waste time telling polikem to solve their issues in private..

Zvakatangira pavanhu most likely zvichaperera pavanhu… Lastly I bet stunner z watching a movie ryt now
Achidya hake popcorn lol”

What do you think of this debacle? Isn’t Pokelo being alittle harsh here,like, Elikem never made noise about the infamous bedroom video or the fact she is a mother of one?

Here are screenshots of the drama that took place on social media last night.






Source: iHarare