Bodies of people who died when TB Joshua Church collapsed are decomposing beyond recognition


Most bodies of the more than bout 80 South Africans including three Zimbabweans killed when a church building collapsed in Lagos on the 12th September, have decomposed beyond recognition after being kept in cheap fan powered (supermarket style) coolers, it has emerged.
Most of the Nigerian mortuaries the bodies are being kept cool only by fans, with no refrigeration. The development comes after it further emerged the process to identify the bodies will take several months.

While denying the revelations, the Nigerian government have yet admitted the bodies are now decomposed to a state they cannot be viewed by relatives without causing trauma. “Out of concern for potential secondary trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, government discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains,” said an official.

According to a government official who did not want to be named, the delays have been caused by the political haggling between South Africa and Nigeria.

The bodies include that of top MDC official Greenwich Ndanga who was a pastor and had travelled for his pilgrimage to see TB Joshua before meeting his fate.

Source: Online