Bogus Prophet rubs woman with “Holy Oil” & raped her


A Harare Magistrate has issued a warrant of arrest for a “bogus prophet” accused of raping a woman who had visited his “holy” shrine for healing.

The accused, Nyasha Moyo (25) of Epworth, failed to appear before regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa on Friday for trial commencement on the matter.

According to the state represented by Tinashe Makiya-Kanyemba, the accused person raped the complaint (age not given) on June 19 at around 1900hrs.

The court heard that Moyo advised the complainant, who had visited him at his residence, that she was greatly inflicted and that her problems could only be solved after a prayer session at his shrine. They both proceeded to the shrine, in a bushy area. Once at the shrine, Moyo instructed the complainant to lie down on top of a red garment.

Moyo allegedly lifted the complainant’s skirt and then rubbed “holy oil” on the complainant’s private parts and breasts, before raping her once. The court further heard that after the act, Moyo warned the complainant not to divulge the act as such actions would compromise the effectiveness of the prayer session.

However, the complainant later revealed the incident to a colleague who advised her to report the matter to the police. A report was subsequently filed with the police, leading to the accused person’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a 17-year old maid, who forced her employer’s four year-old son to be intimate with her on numerous occasions for more than four months, has been slapped with an effective three years behind bars for the offence.

The maid (name withheld to protect the toddler) was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault by Harare regional
magistrate Sandra Mupindu on Friday last week.

In passing judgement, the magistrate said: “This court will be guided by the general principles of sentencing youthful offenders. The accused person is still in her formative years, she needs guidance than punishment.

“However, though the accused is a first offender, she committed a very serious offence, and a non-custodial sentence would be inappropriate. It was clearly deliberate and determined, and it can cause psychological and behavioural problems to the complainant.”

Prosecutor Ressy Nyamombe told the court that on an unknown date, but from April to August this year, the maid would take the boy to a secluded room where she would then s*xually abuse him. The felony was exposed sometime in August after the toddler had demonstrated to other kids what he had been taught by the maid.

Other children were subsequently startled by the toddler’s actions and went on to alert his mother about the incident. Upon interrogation from her mother, the toddler opened up and narrated his ordeal, the court heard.

The matter was reported to police, leading to Matanda’s arrest.

Source: The Zimbabwe Mail