Breaking News : Pastor Evan Mawarire has been released, he is now a free man

Pastor Evan Mawarire is now a free man

After hours of fighting, Zimbabwe citizens refused to be intimidated by Mugabe’s government and his thugs & they were left with no option but to release Pastor Evan Mawarire the man behind #ThisFlag campaign.





After hours of going back & forth the judge asked the State Prosecutors the warned and cautioned statement related to the latest charge of subverting a constitutional government & the State said there is no ‘warned and cautioned’ statement for the fresh charges because the facts are the same as those for initial charge of inciting public violence .Magistrate said there is NO CASE! There is no warned & cautioned statement. Legally the new charge of subverting a “constitutional government” does not hold. In what appeared to be a historic and extraordinary legal day Mawarire was represented by nearly 50 lawyers and nearly 5000 people spent the day outside court braving the cold weather in solidarity with the pastor

Video :Zimbabweans react with happiness after Pastor Evan Mawarire’s release

Pastor Evan Mawarire Strong Speech after his release










Hundreds of singing supporters greeted the release of Mawarire, who has rallied Zimbabweans with a with a social media campaign called #ThisFlag, encouraging them to reclaim their flag by urging President Robert Mugabe’s government to properly manage the country’s battered economy.

“We will not relent until our demands are met. Corruption must end,” Mawarire told the raucous crowd, a Zimbabwe flag draped around his neck. Supporters, standing in the dark, held up candles and mobile phones to light him.