Breaking News: Zimbabwe President Mugabe given Ultimatum to step down in 3 days


A Harare based journalist and publisher Itai Dzamara has delivered by hand in person a letter to President Robert Mugabe demanding him to step down from government.

Dzamara has given the President up to Monday to appear at the Africa Unit Square in Harare to reply in public to the demands of his letter.

Here is the complete letter written and delivered to President Mugabe this morning:

Zimbabwe President Mugabe

President of Republic of Zimbabwe Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe Munhumutapa Building Samora Machel Ave Harare

Cc Speaker of Parliament Mr Jacob Mudenda Parliament Building Nelson Mandela Ave Harare

October 17, 2014

Dear Sir,


I am a Zimbabwean man aged 35 years, presenting a position and demand on behalf of many Zimbabweans, over the failure of your government to properly and effectively manage the country.

Ever since last year’s elections and assumption of office by your current government, the country has been backsliding economically. All economic indicators clearly show that that your government has totally lost control over management of the economy.

High unemployment levels, of over 90%, collapse of industry and commerce, as well as massive de capitalisation have combined to virtually kill the economy. The past twelve months have proved the lack of capacity by your government to stem the economic crisis, which keeps worsening by each day.

Consequently, social services delivery has been severely affected by the economic situation and apparent lack of funds across the economy. It is clear that your government’s efforts to source for funds required to rescue the situation have virtually failed. The lack of interest by the global community, to assist our country with substantial financial packages at this time of urgent need, illustrates the crisis of legitimacy affecting your government.

You shall recall that last year’s elections, out of which your party Zanu PF claimed victory, were disputed by the opposition. Even the regional bodies and other observer missions that endorsed the polls, also noted and expressed concern over some serious irregularities in the manner of electoral conduct.

Your government has further been severely crippled by serious and really blatant fights within Zanu PF, which spill into government operations. The whole nation has not heard from you for over six months, in terms of state of the nation, government plans and programmes, yet the situation has become urgent.

The overall effect of all these national issues and circumstances is the serious suffering of the majority of Zimbabweans.

I am convinced, Sir, that we cannot continue watching the national crisis further worsen. Neither your government, nor the nation benefits from sustaining this crisis situation. There is an urgent need to stop this and therefore l, as a concerned Zimbabwean, hereby present this demand to you.

DEMAND I am demanding that you do the following:

1) Immediately admit and declare that you and your government have failed to run the country, and must to step down.

2) Agree and pave way for a process of engagement involving all national stakeholders, towards establishment of an administration that takes over, to manage the country and prepare for fresh elections.

3) Make a commitment and public announcement that you shall not abuse the state security agents by unleashing them to either intimidate the people, or usurp the people’s power and responsibility of determining the establishment of a new way for solving the national crisis.

4) Agree to, and accept that your party Zanu PF ceases to be the ‘ruling party’ but becomes one of the national stakeholders, to be involved in the national engagement, and in equal capacity with the rest.

ULTIMATUM Sir, l hereby make this demand for you to provide an immediate and urgent response on this important national issue.

I demand that you take the responsibility to engage the nation on the national crisis and respond to my call for you and your government to pave way for a new way towards solving the crisis. My position and demand is backed by many Zimbabweans, who join me in waiting for your response.

We are, starting Monday October 20, 2014, convening and gathering at Africa Unity Square in Harare’s Central Business District, waiting for your response.

I have invited all the other Zimbabweans agreeing to, and backing, my demand, to join me in waiting for your response.

We shall continue to wait for your response and upholding our commitment to civil, peaceful and resolute means, until you take the important step of facing the nation over the crisis and my demand.

Sir, we shall be resolved to wait for your response at the venue, because, undoubtedly, this national situation must come to an end. I am convinced that we, together as Zimbabweans, can bring an end to this crisis and cooperate towards starting a new chapter for our beloved nation.

Lastly, Sir, l beg of you to appreciate our legitimate concern and demand, so that you respond to it as a leader and individual wanting to be remembered for taking a genuinely humble decision for the good of the nation.

I make a passionate request for you to openly embrace peace and love in responding to our demand and process of waiting for your response. In the same vein, l believe you should find it prudent, that your office arranges for police to be deployed, for the purpose of providing protection to us, during the period of waiting, which shall be determined by your response.

I honestly believe you are capable of taking this opportunity to unite the nation into searching for a solution to the crisis. As the current chairman of Sadc, you surely can demonstrate true values of a leader that works for the good of the people.

Looking forward to your response, with hope.

 :Itai Dzamara