“Bulawayo leaders will never rule Zimbabwe,” says President Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe


In her last cross-country tour, Meeting the people, the First Lady held at the AmaZulu Sports Club in Bulawayo today, the First Lady Grace Mugabe said Bulawayo leaders will never rule Zimbabwe if they are not united.

Grace also said the party’s Bulawayo leaders promised to scoop all the seats during last year’s elections but “you shocked when you lost to MDC-T”.

“The problem is that when some people get into positions of leadership those positions get into their heads and they forget why they earned those positions,” says Dr Mugabe.

Oppah Muchinguri and Grace Mugabe

She also said: “Bulawayo has a lot of problems but you are fighting for positions when you are failing to solve problems in Bulawayo. First solve the problems in Bulawayo.” The First Lady also said “people don’t want to vote for MDC but they vote in protest because they are tired of you telling them you that you fought and liberated the nation. Tell them how you will solve the problems. If I want I would have taken advantage of my position and destroyed the party by coercing people to vote for me but no, I have the party at heart. I don’t want to divide the party.” Source:Byo24News