Bulawayo man in trouble for trying to rape his niece


A 14-year-old girl from Manningdale suburb in Bulawayo got the shock of her life when her uncle ‘frightened’ her with his lengthy and red-headed ‘s*xual anaconda’.

The girl, whose name cannot be revealed so as protect her identity, quickly reported the matter to the police, alleging that after accompanying her uncle to collect some vegetables, he frightened her with his vein-rich manhood that was reportedly ready to do its job.

The man is said to have asked the young girl if she was still a virg*n before fondl*ng her budding bre*sts and caressing her thighs. In the process, the s*xually starved uncle removed his pair of trousers, and paraded his ‘dangerous bedroom weapon’ claiming that he wanted to teach the juvenile “how to ride a bicycle”.

Upon seeing the blackish anaconda, the girl screamed for dear life and this forced the uncle to leave the room, and labelled her a ‘very stupid girl’.

The seemingly disturbed girl went and reported the matter to her sister who advised her to report it to the police.

For exposing the most private part of his private parts, the man was hauled before the courts charged with indecent assault.

However, the State is yet to provide evidence that on 25 June at around 3pm, the girl was indecently assaulted by her uncle after her sister asked her to accompany him to his place of residence to collect some vegetables.

For the offence, the accused was not asked to plead when he appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate Sibongile Msipo who remanded him out of custody on US$100 bail.

Source: MyZimbabwe