Bulawayo Prostitute removes all her clothes for police officers


A top earning lady of the night blew a fuse when cops rounded her up as she left a popular nightclub at the weekend, but they gave her breathing space when she stripped down to nothing!


Clad in white stilettos and a mini skirt, it didn’t take time for her to strip for all to see.
“Bonanini zi*** zabantu alizake libone umfazi omuhle enqunu ,“munoda kuona mh*ta yangu here imi mapurisa imi—iyi iri pano iyi tarisai”  (You can see yourselves *** you have never seen a pretty woman naked),” she said to the cops.

She was cheered on by her colleagues while officers were stunned. One of the cops warned that she would be taken in for indecent exposure.

However, in response she told them they would get the shock of their lives when she got to the charge office claiming one of them had asked her to trade “s*x for freedom” .

“You are now used to free s*x. Take me to Central (police station) I will tell your bosses that you wanted to have a ride on me before letting me go home,” she added.

For some reason, the cops let her be, as people took to their smart phones for some citizen journalism.

hookerIn no time the lady jumped into a taxi leaving in a huff, while cops had to work on dispersing the crowd.

“She can be gangster like that at times. Even her clients get a dose of what to expect before they take her home. It’s always money upfront, then drinks later. If unlucky she won’t go with you even if you would have paid up. She stays in Pumula South, within a year she had built a house,” said an eye witness who seemed to have had countless s*x sessions with the prostitute.

Another lady of the night who operates from the same nightclub claimed the cheeky stripper was known as MaNcube and she comes from Tsholotsho.

Source: B-Metro