Bulawayo woman walks in on daughter having s*x with boyfriend in her bedroom


A WOMAN from Cowdray Park in Bulawayo reportedly received the shock of her life when she walked in on her daughter while allegedly getting cosy with her boyfriend in her bedroom. 

So steamy was the “romance” that annoyed the girl, Antonette Nekati’s mother, Monica Nekati. 
The alleged boyfriend, Thusani Nyathi, was lavishly planting himself between Antonette’s legs who was also positioned on the bed. 

In a bid to apparently “fix” Nyathi, the girl’s mother reportedly tried to lock him inside the bedroom which the two lovebirds had allegedly turned into a love paradise. 

Her mission however, hit a brick wall when an alert Nyathi sensed danger and forcibly pushed away his “mother-in-law”, who was standing at the door leading to the bedroom before making good his escape. 

Antonette’s mother who seemed to have been incensed by Nyathi’s behaviour, reportedly followed him in hot pursuit. 

As fate would have it, she failed to apprehend him prompting her to approach the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a peace order against him. 

She begged the court to bar Nyathi from visiting her place of residence and having a nice time with her daughter. 

“I am the mother of Antonette Nekati and wish to apply for a peace order against her boyfriend Thusani Nyathi. I do not want him to come to my house whether in my presence or absence. This is because I once found him in my house with my daughter. Before that incident I once found his clothes in my daughter’s bedroom. I went to his parents’ house and discussed the issue. 

“On 19 November when I unexpectedly arrived home I heard voices coming from my daughter’s bedroom. This understandably aroused my suspicions and I went straight to the bedroom. Upon entering I found my daughter lying on my bed facing upwards while the respondent was between her legs. 

I tried to close the door but he forcibly pushed me and ran away. I tried to run after him but I failed to catch him. I do not want him at my house at all she said. 

Antonette’s mother is reportedly refusing to bless her daughter’s relationship with Nyathi, saying the latter’s family is allegedly running a shebeen. 

In response, Nyathi did not dispute his “mother-in-law’s” allegations leading to the presiding magistrate, Marylene Mtshina, granting the order in favour of Antonette’s mother. The magistrate ordered Nyathi not go to the applicant’s place of residence.

Source: B-Metro