Cde Chinotimba fires Zimbabwe War Vets leader over Grace Mugabe


In an apparent move signifying the ousting of Jabulani Sibanda from his position as the leader the of the war veterans, Joseph Chinotimba has announced that the War Veterans will today proceed to meet Grace Mugabe at her Mazowe farm without Zimbabwe National War veterans Association chairperson Jabulani Sibanda.

 Chinotimba who called for new war vets leadership, said Jabulani Sibanda was invited to attend the event but he refused. Jabulani Sibanda recently came under scrutiny from his ZANU PF peers for his apparent absence from Grace Mugabe’s rallies, leading to accusation that he is supporting a faction of Mujuru that Grace has attacked through out her rallies. Sibanda is also accused of failing to organise war veterans to attend Grace Mugabe rallies to show their solidarity with the first lady.

“We asked the executive to come, but Cde Jabulani said he had already congratulated the First Lady on her nomination to the (position of) secretary of the Women’s League through a newspaper. I am not sure which paper he was referring to. We cannot count on (Cde) Sibanda because what is happening in this case is an issue of divide and rule, but as war veterans we do not want to end up being divided.”

Chinotimba accused Sibanda of having abandoned the cause of the war veterans, who were instead coming to him for help. He said time was up for a war veterans congress to elect a new leadership.

“Do not worry about the absence of the leadership of the war veterans. Everyone is now a leader, but it depends on the quality of the leadership,” said Cde Chinotimba.

Following Grace Mugabe’s entry into the political field events have moved with supersonic speeds taking media houses and the nation by surprise. It now turns out that those individuals who failed to attend her rallies are her enemies and belong to a faction of Joice Mujuru, that is seeking to oust President Mugabe

Source: Herald/ZimEye