Cheating Hubby kills wife by pounding her head with a hammer several times


A woman granted a protection order against her abusive ex-cop husband was dead seven days later when he pounded her with a hammer in a fight over his mistress. The former police officer allegedly used a claw hammer to pulverise his wife’s head in Lupane on Saturday.
Police sources told Chronicle Dubilizwe Mkandla, 46, of Gomoza under chief Mabhikwa, fled from the scene after covering his wife, Sambulo Mkandla’s “hideously” disfigured face with a jacket.
He and went and told his mother what he had done. His mother reported the crime at Gomoza police base, leading to Dubilizwe’s arrest.

The sources said seven days before her death, Sambulo had sought a protection order against her husband, who she said was abusive and involved in multiple extra-marital affairs.
“She was granted the order and left Dubilizwe, a former police inspector to stay with her parents. However, he continued to visit her at her parents’ homestead resulting in altercation with her father Taron Ndlovu who demanded a cow as payment for his disrespect,” said the source. The source said Dubilizwe settled the demand.
“However, on September 27 at around 9AM Sambulo went to Dubilizwe’s homestead to collect her belongings. A misunderstanding ensued after Dubilizwe tried to stop Sambulo from leaving.”
Sambulo allegedly accused her husband of allowing his girlfriend to terrorise her, alleging that she had been assaulted by her on several occasions at Dubilizwe’s instigation, narrated the source.
“In a fit of rage he picked up a hammer and struck her on the head several times until her head was reduced to pulp and she lay lifeless in a pool of blood.
“He then used his jacket to cover her face which was now flattened and unrecognisable, before fleeing the scene. He used excessive force. He then proceeded to his mother’s homestead where he told her what he had done before she reported the matter leading to his arrest later that evening,” said another police source.
Villagers said the incident had shocked everyone in surrounding areas, leaving people wondering what drove the former police chief to kill his wife in cold blood. Dubilizwe is expected to appear in court on today.

Source: Chronicle