Cheating wife stunned in court after hubby produced pictures of wife & lover


A woman, who was seeking legal sanctuary against her husband claiming he was s*xually and physically abusing her, was stunned when her husband produced pictures of her while posing with her suspected boyfriend as evidence that she was cheating on him.

In a comical twist, the alleged two-timing woman Thandinkosi Mazando, who was cornered after her husband Moses Sithole produced pictures of her with Danny Sibanda, claimed that Sibanda was her ex-lover before she got married to Moses.

The alleged home-wrecker Sibanda is reportedly employed by Gwanda Fire Brigade.

Sithole said his wife, who recently completed a nursing course, was trying to cover up her philandering behaviour by seeking legal recourse against him claiming he was physically and s*xually abusing her.

Thandinkosi Mazando

“It is a pity that she is now cooking up excuses that I am abusing her as a way of fixing me after I discovered that she is cheating on me. This woman wanted to dump me after she had used me to improve her life. She is my creation after I sent her to school from Form Three until she finished her three-year nursing course early this month. Before she even trained as a nurse I paid for her other course in hotel and catering.

“Her cheating is purely out of control and she is trying to cover it by seeking a protection order against me claiming I am s*xually, physically and emotionally abusing as well threatening to stab her with an okapi knife. I have never carried or bought such a knife in my life. In fact she is the one who was emotionally abusing me when I was sick.

Trouble started after I discovered that she was cheating on me with another man in Gwanda where she was based training as a nurse,” Sithole said while producing two pictures of his wife posing with her suspected boyfriend.

This was after Thandinkosi claimed before Bulawayo magistrate Marylene Mtshina that she was living in fear of her husband who was abusing her and carrying a knife into the bedroom. She said her husband who is based in Filabusi was always stalking her. 

“I am living in fear of my husband who is physically, s*xually and emotionally abusing me. He is carrying an okapi knife to the bedroom and teaming up with his sisters verbally threatening me. He is also selling our matrimonial property without my consent. As if that is not enough Moses is always stalking me. I am now appealing to this honourable court to grant me a protection order against him,” she said.

The magistrate, however, ordered the couple to maintain peace between each other by not physically and verbally threatening each other before she referred them for counselling for six weeks. 

Source: B-Metro