Controversial Dancer Bev Sibanda ‘Dies’

Beverly Sibanda showing off her skills

In what critics believe is a desperate attempt to attract the public’s attention, dirty dancer Beverly Sibanda faked her own DEATH.

It started with one of her dancers calling H-Metro to announce that Bev had been run by a car in Sunngingdale and had died on the spot. A call was then made to Bev’s mobile number and the lady who answered also claimed that the extremely controversial dancer had been killed in a road accident. To make matters worse, someone pretending to be crying in the background.

When contacted, Bev’s manager, Hapaguti ‘Hapaz’ Mapimbidze said he had last seen Bev three hours earlier and was now rushing to Sunningdale where the accident was reported to have taken place. Moments later, he then texted to say Bev was alive and well.

A call was made to Bev’s mobile number again and this time she answered.

“I am not dead. I wasn’t involved in a car accident and I am alive unless a ghost can answer phone calls as well. I also heard that there is a woman similar to me who was hit by a car in Sunningdale and since I was in that same area people thought it was me,” she said.

But previously, our news crew had phoned Bev’s mobile number and a certain woman ‘confirmed’ Bev’s death.

“That was not my phone. maybe you dialled a wrong number. I never gave my phone to anyone. Probably you phoned phoned the same number that gave you the story and obviously they had every reason to cry because ndivo vanga vane munhu atsikwa, not me,” she claimed.

Bev then gave the phone to one of her dancers who, however, gave a contradicting statement.

“She left the phone with me and when you phoned I just confirmed the death news because that’s what we had heard. A lot of people were calling saying Bev is dead and I had no option but to confirm to you she was dead,” said the dancer.

Yesterday, Hapaz apologised on behalf of Bev. He said he was still at loss of words after news circulated on social network sites that the controversial dancer had breathed her last. He also said he was shocked to learn that one of the dancers had the guts to call a news room suggesting that Bev had died.

“I had to rush to her place when I received the news and I was shocked to find out that she was alive and well. I wouldn’t say we were after cheap publicity but I think Bev knows the motive herself if indeed she is the one who circulated the rumour. I asked her why she did that but she only laughed. It’s really bad for her brand and I warned her to desist from spreading such lies because fans will end up failing to respect us,” he said.

Surprisingly, Beverly’s death rumours came just three days after fellow dancer Zoey Noleen Sifelani was said to have been involved in an accident which never occurred.

Many critics believe the dancers are desperate for cheap publicity to woo crowds to their shows as they ride on controversy. They have not been in the news for a while, as many news papers now ‘focus’ on Prophet Magaya and Zanu PF internal squabbles.

Source: H Metro