Councillor ejected from a full council meeting after he soiled himself & people could hardly breath because of the strong smell


A COUNCILLOR from Umguza constituency had to be ejected from a full council meeting, which he allegedly attended while in a drunken stupor, after he soiled himself during the course of the meeting, Sunday News has learnt.The councillor (name supplied) was reportedly drunk to an extent that he could not even stand and continuously interjected during discussions.

A councillor, who was present during the meeting which was held on Thursday 30 November, told Sunday News that Clr Johannes Sibanda advised Clr Marry Shelton, who was chairing the meeting, to evict the drunk councillor.

“Everyone was shocked and people were totally angry because of his annoying behaviour. He was constantly interjecting issues. Due to his rude behaviour, councillors had to unanimously call for his eviction and he had to leave the meeting,” said the councillor.

“When he was asked to leave the meeting, he did not even show remorse instead he disgracefully saluted the chairperson and left the council chambers with his bad smell. That was the highest degree of disorder and lack of respect he showed. We suspect that he soiled himself when he was seated because when he came in he was visibly drunk but not smelling.”

Clr Shelton declined comment on the issue, saying “I do not talk to people whose background I don’t know”.

“I don’t talk to people through the phone. How would I know that you are from Sunday News? I will not comment on that issue,” she said before hanging up the phone.
“Whoever told you that information broke the procedure. Whosoever told you that information does not have the right to leak information to the media”

The accused councillor denied that he soiled himself.

“Actually, I didn’t know that there was a meeting. I came to my office and I was later told that there was a meeting and I had to get proper clothes. In attending the meeting, I was shocked after they evicted me and I don’t even know why I was told to leave the council chambers. I was not even drunk but I guess maybe it’s because of the clothes which I was wearing which led to my eviction,” he said.

Source: Sunday News