Daughter(5) reports mum for bringing boyfr*ends home


A BULAWAYO-based soldier allegedly flogged his wife after his five-year-old daughter told him  that she was bringing boyfr*ends home while he was in prison.Open Moyo, 39, appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Maphios Moyo facing charges of physical abuse.

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza said Moyo had served a seven-month sentence at army detention barracks when he returned to his home to commit the crime. “The accused was in an army prison for seven months and when he came back home he heard stories about his wife’s inf*delity,” he said.

The court heard that on June 19 at around 9PM Moyo went to his house and Constance Muchenjekwa, his wife, opened the door for him and went back to sleep.

Moyo followed her and grabbed her by the neck before pulling her down from the bed. He then pummelled her with fists and kicked her all over the body. He accused the complainant of having extra marit*l affairs.

Moyo who pleaded guilty to the charge, said he was angered by reports of his wife’s inf*delity.

“My daughter told her school teachers that her mother was bringing in boyfr*ends while I was away. Her teachers noticed that something was troubling her and had even affected her performance and on being asked she opened up. She told them that her mother was bringing boyfr*ends home,” he said.

Moyo said on receiving the report he, out of anger, beat his wife.

He was cautioned and discharged.

Source: Chronicle