Dead man tells his killer to confess & inform his relatives that he killed him


LIFE for a 31-year-old man from Mberengwa has turned into living hell after the spirit of a neighbour he allegedly killed three years ago started haunting him and terrorising his family.
The man, Munyaradzi Mutsvene of Mhere Village under Chief Mbosi is said to be haunted by the spirit of Nyasha Shereni whom he allegedly fatally stabbed in the abdomen on 9 January 2011 following a misunderstanding.

Mutsvene and Shereni are said to have had an altercation which degenerated into a fight, resulting in the former stabbing the latter several times in the process ripping open his stomach.

Shereni died instantly as a result of the attack.

Zimbabwe Police

It is understood that Mutsvene fled to South Africa after committing the crime in a bid to evade arrest.

A source said Mutsvene started having misfortunes in South Africa while at the same time he would see the image of Shereni demanding compensation for allegedly killing him and instructing him to confess.

“When Mutsvene went to South Africa, the spirit of Shereni started haunting him. His family was also being haunted by the spirit which was threatening to cause perennial deaths to the family if Mutsvene refused to confess,” said the source.

Mutsvene, the source added, returned to Zimbabwe this year and handed himself over to the police last week on Tuesday.

“The spirit of Shereni forced Mutsvene to return home and confessed to his relatives that he had killed their relative and offered to pay compensation in the form of cattle and money. Mutsvene also handed himself to the police,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Mutsvene appeared before Mberengwa magistrate, Mr Christopher Maturure, on Friday facing a murder charge.

He was not asked to plead and remanded in custody to Friday.

Mutsvene was also advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

For the State, Mr Munyaradzi Ncube alleged that Mutsvene murdered his neighbour, Shereni, following a heated dispute.

Mr Ncube said Mutsvene stabbed Shereni in the abdomen and ripped his stomach open before fleeing.

He said Mutsvene was on the run for three years before handing himself to the police last Tuesday.

Source: Sunday News