Delta Beverages slashes beer prices across the whole portfolio



Delta Beverages has slashed beer prices across the whole portfolio except for the pint. 
Delta Beverages management advises that the quart comes down from a recommended retail price of $1.80 to $1.60. The popular quart pack has been reduced from $1.75 to 1.60. The magnum 660ml returnable bottle for Golden Pilsener, Zambezi Lager and Bohlingers has also been reduced from $1.80 to $1.75. Also reduced is Castle Lite non-returnable bottle which was retailing at $1.20 now down to $1.15 including its popular 440ml can which is now $1.25 from $1.30. 

Eagle quart which was retailing at $1.20 has been reduced to the magic price point of $1.00. The 375ml returnable bottle (pint) which Delta Beverages recommends a retail price of $0.95 is mostly selling at $1.00 due to lack of change.

The new prices came into effect on Monday 15 September.  

Source: Byo24News