DREADLOCKS sold out a man who allegedly pounced on his friend’s girlfriend and had s*xual interco*rse with her, pretending to be the boyfriend


DREADLOCKS sold out a Zvishavane man who allegedly pounced on his friend’s girlfriend and had s*xual intercourse with her, pretending to be the boyfriend, after he had given the couple overnight accommodation in his house.
Wellington Mawire (36) will live to regret donning the hairstyle which blew his cover midway during the act after the woman touched his head and realised that she was not having s*x with her boyfriend.

The woman’s boyfriend does not have dreadlocks.
Mawire appeared before Zvishavane magistrate’s court on Wednesday last week facing a rape charge as defined in Section 65 of the Criminal Law Codification Reform Act Chapter 9:23.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and Zvishavane magistrate Mr Story Rushambwa remanded him in custody to 19 December this year.

For the State, Miss Shillah Mupindu alleges that on 4 December this year, the victim and her boyfriend were traveling to Mberengwa, but it got dark while they were still in Zvishavane and the pair felt it was too dark for them to continue with their journey.

The woman’s boyfriend is said to have approached Mawire, his long time friend and asked to be accommodated for the night so that they could proceed with their journey the next morning.

Mawire who stays at house number 5112 Makwasha high density suburb in Zvishavane agreed to house the couple in his one room lodgings.

The court heard that the trio went out to have drinks at a nearby shopping centre in Makwasha that night, and returned to Mawire’s house around 11pm to sleep as had been agreed.

While they were sleeping, Mawire allegedly failed to control his s*xual appetite and hatched a plan to quench his desire by having s*x with his friend’s girlfriend.

The court heard that Mawire woke his friend up around 2am and asked him to rush to the shops to buy beer and cigarettes. Mawire’s friend, unaware of his plan, complied and went on the errand.

While he was away, the court was told that Mawire allegedly sneaked into the blankets where his friend’s girlfriend was sleeping and taking advantage of the darkness, started caressing the woman, pretending to be her boyfriend.

The woman, thinking it was her boyfriend making the advances on her, woke up and played along, allowing Mawire to have s*x with her.

However, Mawire’s cover was blown midway during the act when the woman realised that she was not having s*x with her boyfriend, after she touched Mawire’s head and felt dreadlocks.

The woman screamed for help, alerting neighbours and her boyfriend who was a few metres from the house on his way back from the errand he had been sent on by Mawire.

A police report was immediately made, leading to Mawire’s arrest and subsequent appearance in court.
Mawire claims he is being framed by his friend’s girlfriend.

Source: SundayNews