Father & son went berserk & fatally assaulted his pregnant daughter after they caught her pants down with boyfriend


A 41-YEAR-OLD man from Mberengwa and his 19-year-old son recently went berserk and fatally assaulted the man’s pregnant daughter after they caught her pants down with her boyfriend. The horrendous incident occurred on Tuesday last week when Sehlule Dube and his son Siphosenkosi allegedly fatally assaulted his daughter Sithabile (15) who was pregnant with sticks and booted feet after she sneaked out of the house at night before being caught pants down with her boyfriend.

The two accused persons were not asked to plead when they were arraigned before Mberengwa magistrate, Mr Christopher Maturure for initial remand on Thursday.

Mr Maturure remanded Dube and his son to 19 March for further remand and advised them to apply for bail at the court.
For the State, Ms Wadzanai Shayanowako alleged that Dube and his son took turns to assault Sithabile, who was pregnant, with sticks and booted feet all over the body until she fell unconscious and subsequently died.

Ms Shayanowako alleged that on the fateful day at around 9pm, Sithabile who was sharing her bedroom hut with two other minors sneaked out and went to see her boyfriend who is suspected to be responsible for the pregnancy.

She told the court that Dube discovered that she was not in her bedroom hut when the two minors she was sharing the bedroom with started crying and he went to investigate.

Ms Shayanowako said Dube woke his son up and traced Sithabile whom they found being intimate with her boyfriend from the same village.

The court heard that the boyfriend took to his heels leaving Sithabile behind.
Ms Shayanowako said the two accused persons force-marched Sithabile back home where they allegedly assaulted her with sticks until she fell unconscious and kicked her with booted feet while she was lying on the ground.

When Sithabile fell unconscious the two tried to render first aid but to no avail.
Sithabile subsequently died on the spot.

Ms Shayanowako said when the two realised that she had died they rushed to Mberengwa Police Station where they reported sudden death and alleged that she had been complaining of a burning sensation all over the body.

However, the matter came to light when the police discovered that the body had bruises and blood stains all over.
The police also got a tip off from members of the public to the effect that the two had been spotted assaulting Sithabile.
Ms Shayanowako said the two were then arrested.

During indications, the police discovered that Dube had 35 plants of marijuana in his fields.
Dube pleaded guilty to possession of mbanje.
He was convicted and sentenced to 24 months in prison, six of which were suspended on condition of good behaviour.


Source: Sunday News