Footprints led a curious granny to discover a love affair between her 14-year-old granddaughter & a 40-year-old man


A 40-YEAR-OLD Binga herd boy’s footprints from a 14-year-old’s bedroom hut led a curious grandmother to discover the man’s alleged love affair with her granddaughter resulting in his arrest for having se_x with a minor. Nengwenukhulu Mafu met the 14-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sometime last month and proposed love to her before they went on to have se_x.

Mafu went into the girl’s bedroom hut at around 2AM on Thursday last week and the two had consensual se_x before he went away unnoticed, a court heard.
An inquisitive grandmother saw his footprints leading away from the girl’s room and the pair’s illicit affair was exposed.
Mafu yesterday appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Stephen Ndlovu on circuit at Inyathi court facing a charge of having se_xual intercourse with a minor.

He pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody to Friday for sentencing.
The court heard that he promised to buy panties for the girl after she slept with him.
“The girl is my lover. She had asked me to buy her panties and I promised her I would do it since we love each other,” Mafu said.
Prosecuting, Lungisani Dube said sometime last month, Mafu proposed love to the girl when they met near her homestead and she accepted.
“On April 7 at around 2AM, the accused went to the complainant’s place of residence and the two engaged in se_xual interco_urse.
“The juvenile’s grandmother saw footprints from her bedroom hut prompting her to question the girl who later admitted inviting her boyfriend,” the prosecutor said.
She also admitted that the two had se_x. After being asked why she was having an inappropriate relationship with an older man, the girl had this to say, “vane hombe dzinonaka zvekuti ndinonyatsotapirirwa” (I like older man because they have big pen*s)
The grandmother reported the matter to the police

Source: Chronicle