Harare City Council clamping & towing vehicles at car washes & ask the owners to pay $96


The Harare City Council and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) have been castigated for failing to notify car owners and motorists on the blitz that has seen them clamping and towing peoples cars being cleaned at car wash bays and fining them.
The council embarked on a blitz targeted at illegal car washes and in the process, innocent motorists have had their vehicle clamped, towed and asked to pay fines of US$96.

This has not gone down well with motorists who said at least the council should have warned them.

Also affected during the blitz were unlicensed street garages and other businesses operating without registration.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Leslie Gwindi said they will not be deterred in their endeavour to bring sanity to the city, adding that all illegal businesses will be dealt with.

“Yes, this is because the chemicals they use and these car washes do not have the appropriate structures and equipment that separates the oil sludge and water, so the dirty deposits from the cars flow unchecked into the city’s water bodies. We are saying its illegal bottom line,” said Gwindi.

EMA said considering the increasing number of cars that are being imported in the country, car washes and street garages have mushroomed and they are posing a serious health hazard to Harare residents as heavily polluted effluent finds its way into the city’s drinking water sources.

Source: Zbc