Harare Club goers left shell shocked after a dirty dancer asked for a condom & had s*x with a male patron live on stage


Club goers were left shell shocked a fortnight ago when a dirty dancer engaged in interco*rse with a male patron live on stage.

Reports are that the dancer only identified as Chantel(pictured) was performing strip tease with a male patron on stag at club Red 32 in Southerton and ended up performing the lewd act in full view of revelers.

Chantel, The dirty Dancer
Chantel, The dirty Dancer

This is in violation of dancers’ licenses as they are not supposed to engage members of the audience on stage.

Leading dancer, Beverly Sibanda narrowly escaped jail last year after she was charged for inviting male fans on stage during her shows.

Chantel reportedly invited the patron on stage and started undressing him before asking for a condom within the
public and was given one which she readily put on the male patron’s already charged ‘anaconda’.

“The Patrons continued cheering the two as they got down to s*x and even the security personnel at the club were dumb founded for a moment as they watched live XX action,” said a mole who witnessed the incident.

“Chantel was reportedly wearing only tiny undergarments and they started going at it like rabbits. Security and the public didn’t expect that it would go that far. They just thought that it was a strip tease but the security reacted when they started having intercourse,” the mole added.

After realising that they were serious, security then reacted and whisked them off the stage but sources say it took two bouncers to remove the man who had just started having quality time.

“The public was okay with what was happening but it was not good for the image of the club and they removed them from the stage but it was not easy,” the source continued.

Chantel could not be reached for a comment but another band member confirmed the incident while lambasting her behaviour. “Yes it happened but I was not on stage. I was in the changing room and another patron rushed to me and advised me of what was happening. When I went there they had already been removed and I did not witness it,” she said.

She said as a group they had a code of conduct and did not condone such behaviour while assuring the public of conventional service.

An official at the club, GT Maphosa, also confirmed the romp saying they had since banned the group from performing at the venue. “Yes it happened,” he said. “I thought the dancer was just doing strip tease with the male patron who later failed to control himself,” he said.

Asked if they had advised police of the incident, he said “We talked to the dancer and she indicated that she was okay and there was no reason to make a report.”

Maphosa could not shed light as to why they allow dirty dancing and strip teasing in the club which is in contravention of the censorship requirements.

Dancers Association of Zimbabwe’s President, Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze said the case had reached their office. “The news disturbed us when we heard of it. That group is not registered with DAZ but still they are dancers and at the end of the day it affects the work of other dancers.

“Such people should be arrested, that is the only solution. It happened at Club RED 32, two weeks ago,” Harpers said.

Source: H-Metro