Harare man sleeps with 4 wives on the same bed


An 18-year-old fourth wife, Winnet Chinatsa is having a torrid time with her hubby, as one senior wife continuously pushes her off their shared bed.

Chinatsa is struggling to have her slot between the sheets with her shared husband Revesai Mupakwa.

Apparently she has always been physically abused by Mollen Mabaye aged 34.

According to H-Metro, Mupakwa decided to accommodate Chinatsa in his one room as cost cutting measures.

His trucked had been grounded and struggled to pay rentals for young Chinatsa.

Mollen says Winnet is “just a child, I am angry that she once came to my house saying she was in love with my husband. I am actually Marabha’s third wife and she wants to be fourth”.

“Marabha is way older and she has a family she is actually 15 years old and is way too young to be married,” she said.

She added: “When she initially came she was not pregnant and should have taken my advice and stayed away from my husband.”

Winnet is now four months pregnant.

“The past four days since I moved in it has been hell for me as his wife beats me up whenever she wants. She even kicked me in the stomach knowing that I am pregnant” said Winnet.

“I sometimes leave the house in the evening and we have time in the bush before returning to the house since Mollen wants me to be s*x starved in order for me to leave.”

Source: H-Metro