Harare woman foresaw her death & sent a WhatsApp message to her aunt



The Harare woman who reportedly jumped to her death from the 13th floor of the council-owned Trafalgar Court on Monday had earlier in the day written to her aunt informing her that she was facing problems.
Ms Brenda Chinguwo’s aunt, Ms Sandra Mutovo, told The Herald in an interview yesterday the deceased wrote the message on her WhatsApp.

The message read: “Ndine problem if anything happens, Dee is in charge”.

Ms Chinguwo allegedly committed suicide following a dispute with her husband, Mr Dyvon Takawira Masona (40) over clothes she had bought for him.

In an interview in Mbare yesterday, Ms Mutovo said Ms Chinguwo’s body was yet to be buried as they were waiting for a forensic examination report from the police. “As a family, we lost a hard working and loving person who operated a flea market together with a hairdressing salon and no one anticipated she would die in such a manner,” she said.

“We have left all the burial arrangements to him (Masona) since he stayed with her for a long time. I counselled the pair on several occasions. We even advised the two to separate on several occasions, but both would turn back and reconcile. It is painful to note that she communicated with me before she died.”

Mr Masona said he was still disturbed by his wife’s death and was hoping for the burial to be conducted today.

“I am hoping to have the burial tomorrow (today) at Warren Hills Cemetery, but at the moment we do not have the specific time,” he said.

“There are several issues which need to be resolved with her family, but assistance is coming from my family members.

“I had not paid the bride price and we are here at my parents’ place where we are discussing the funeral.

“They said we should do what we can, but we are contemplating giving them a cow as they have not demanded much from us.”

Mr Masona described Ms Chinguwo as someone who was committed to their relationship and blamed the devil for the incident. “She was committed 100 percent to our relationship. The squabbles used to occur yes, I think it is the devil who overpowered her this time,” he said.

“I have been going through a lot after the fateful day, but I am getting consolation from many people.”

Ms Chinguwo is survived by Mr Masona and a six-year-old daughter Haille.

Source: Herald