Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi`s nephew has killed his wife & mother-in-law


HOME Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi`s nephew has been described as a
dangerous person who should not be unleashed on society after the High
Court ascertained that he killed his wife and mother-in-law.

Kembo Mohadi

However, Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Andrew Mutema passed a not
guilty verdict, as he ruled that Thinandavha Kwinda Muleya was not
mentally stable when he committed the acts and referred him to
Mlondolozi mental institution for further assessment.

Muleya (37), who was represented by David Mhiribhidi, pleaded not
guilty to the charge of murdering his wife Hildah Maphosa (24) and his
mother-in-law Joice Maphosa (53)

Mutema in his judgment yesterday said Muleya was on different
occasions examined by different doctors before he was later examined by a

He said the psychiatrist indicated that she examined him on December
16 2013 and three more times last year, before concluding that he was
mentally unstable and had a drug-related mental illness.

The mental illness was reportedly triggered by drugs as he was said to be taking four twists of mbanje a day and drank alcohol.

Mutema said Muleya had abused cocaine and suffered auditory and
imagery hallucination. The judge said on the day he killed his
mother-in-law, Muleya is said to have claimed that he was hearing voices
telling him to kill her.

This shows that he had a framic type of behaviour, such as being told to kill by voices of unseen people, Mutema ruled. With the episode of such unpredictable behaviour, he was tested for HIV and he tested positive.

Through the culmination of his behaviour, in my opinion, the accused
was suffering from mental problems caused by the effects of HIV, drug
use and alcohol. He was mentally disturbed to such an extent that he
cannot be held responsible for his actions.

Mutema said in that regard he was dangerous to society and was not
fit to live with the community, although he was fit to stand trial. Im not a medical doctor. The doctor report does not bind the
court, but in this instance the psychiatrist opinion cannot be
We accept it,he said. ;In this case, the court verdict is that the
accused is not found guilty in respect of the reasons stated.Mutema said it was the duty of the court not to unleash such a person to society

Agreed facts between the State and defence are that Muleya and his
wife Hildah had a marital dispute on December 26 2012, which prompted
his wife to return to her parents home. Muleya followed her on December 27 and when he got there, his
father-in-law advised him to bring his relatives so the matter could be
He left his in-laws home and returned with his wife property,
which he dumped there. An argument ensued between him and his wife as
she was picking up her belongings which were strewn all over the place.
Muleya then produced a VZOR pistol and shot her once on the head and she died instantly. His wife mother, who was in the kitchen, heard the gunshot and
rushed out, but she too was shot in the head and died instantly.

The father-in-law and a son then disarmed Muleya, but he managed to flee. A report was made to the Beitbridge police. Muleya was examined by Elena Poskotchinova, a psychiatrist, whose
findings were that he should not be held liable for his conduct. southern eye.