Horror: Chiredzi man bashes his 90-year-old mother to death


A CHIREDZI man last week beat up his 90-year-old mother to death with a log following a dispute over grazing land.

The two had quarrelled after the son gave the family’s grazing land to neighbours.

Police spokesman, Inspector Nkululeko Nduna, confirmed the incident.

He said Daniel Mazvuma, of Ngwana extension in Chiredzi, took a log and struck his mother, Fambai Mazvuma, on her back and head several times until she fell unconscious.

Daniel is said to have arrived at the family homestead at around 4pm from a beer drink and found his mother preparing a fire.

The mother confronted him on why he had allocated the family’s grazing plot to neighbours.

Unable to control his anger, the son grabbed a log and began assaulting his mother until she fell unconscious.

His cousin shouted for help from neighbours but Daniel fled the scene.

The son however returned home the following day with a hired vehicle which he used to take his mother to hospital.

The mother was pronounced dead upon arrival at Chiredzi hospital.

A police report was made leading to the son’s arrest.

Source: NewZimbabwe