“I had s*x with Zimbabwe President Mugabe & Grace Mugabe is now bothering me,” says Zimbabwe VP Mujuru


Vice President Joice ‘Teuraropa’ Mujuru has responded to Grace Mugabe’s attacks which she slammed as dark whistling and barking.

While it could not be ascertained if Mujuru herself directly posted the message on social networking website Facebook, it was confirmed that the page which is managed by a Mujuru supporter believed to be her personal aide is fully controlled by the Mujuru camp.

The message is the first of its kind since Mujuru became the subject of vitriotic attacks by Grace Mugabe last week when she also warned her saying she must run to the President and apologise before it is too late.

“Loyal to the President, loyal to the party, loyal to the liberation struggle, loyal to the people; muridzo haticheuke (we will not be swayed by those whistling in the dark),” read the message

grace mujuru
Grace Mugabe and Joice Mujuru

Dear Dr Grace Gorereza Gono Pamire Zhuwao Changara Mugabe I will first let you know that my ‘Nom De Guerre’, i.e liberation war name was/is Teurai Ropa Nhongo wife of the liberation icon Rex Nhongo who was burnt alive at our home at the instigation of your husband. I knew, like an experienced fighter that I am that Emmerson Mnangagwa, coward as he is, had cleared the ground to weaken all those people senior to him whom he either knows or thinks that they want to take over leadership of the Party and country once Robert joints his maker, which is soon.

That I know. So, for you to think that what you are saying about me at public gatherings will surprise me will be fooling yourself. I expected that long time ago. Let me say that I read the letter that was written to you some days ago by Cde Mutasa and I thought after reading it both you and your husband would look inwards and change tact. But you didnt. How stupid. Anywhere lets look at the merits of the case:

First, its no secret that all the women at the centre of noise in the party now have slept with your husband before, me and you included and you know that. By this I mean you, me, Oppah Muchinguri, Ednah Madzongwe and Olivia Muchena and others. I cant claim to know the details of how it happened with the others but its no secret that in ZANU(PF), during and after the war, if you were called by a chef in his office and you are a woman, married or single, then he wants to sleep with you and you dont refuse. And that is rampant since when we became a government in 1980. It is for that reason that Oppah was divorced and it is for that reason that Rex died an angry man when he discovered way back in 1982 that Mugabe your husband was forcing himself on me and had got addicted to it. I couldn’t say no, It was protocol in the party. Let me also advice you that it is for the same reason that Christopher Mutsvangwa will die without forgiving Cde Mutasa because when he discovered that Cde Mutasa was sleeping with his wife , the his wife Monica played victim and lied that Cde Mutasa was asking her out but nothing between them happened. Thats a lie, we know everything. So in part I understand that when you also got your chance with Bob and finally decided to leave your husband Stanley Goreraza for Bob, then you started looking for potential threats, fighting publicly with Cde Oppah etc. But for a person like me, your marriage to Robert was a blessing because your husband stopped raping me. So I dont think your anger at me is caused by this, because we are all guilty.

Mugabe was cheating on Sally as she was getting worse with her kidney problems. He screwed all of us leaving his sick wife and unattended.

So is it love for power casing you to be mad since you realize that Bob is on his last days on earth? I doubt. Let me remind you that on several times before, you have been saying that you are ok, as a housewife and that you have no interest in politics. So what has changed? Well, I will tell you that you are just Mnangagwa’s tool which he is using and abusing and will throw away at the right time when it suits him. All those people giving you false power are either losers or gay gangsters and

Mnagagwa wants to be surrounded by politically weak people so that should his plans work, then he can be another Robert Mugabe who has never been comfortable with powerful figures in our party like Cde Tongogara, my husband and others. Ask Cde Rugare Gumbo and Cde Augustine Chihuri how they were treated like mice in Mozambique for daring challenge your useless husband who even as we speak cannot operate a gun and yet he is

Commander-In-Chief of the Army. Look at the people around you, Shuvai Mahofa is a political reject in Masvingo, Phillip Chiyangwa is a political reject in Mashonaland West, Ignatiuos Chombo is only a minister because he was the go- between (munyai) when Mugabe was paying lobola for you in 1995 at your rural home and also because he is the chief gossiper who tells your husband all the lies he wants to hear about us. He had to cheat to win the last elections in Zvimba North and without shame rigged elections against his former wife Marian and your husband knows that. So Chombo is also a nonentity in our party. And the foul mouthed Jonathan Moyo who seems now to be your spokesman trying to patch up the gaps where you vomit nonsense, he is a political reject in Tsholotsho, rejected by people there and is breathing political life thanks to your husband’s listening to Munangagwa that Jonathan Moyo is big brains bla bla bla. Big brains my foot. He is a thief, he and Mnangagwa tried a coup which is well known as the Tsholotsho Declaration, he used to write rubbish about your husband, he has boasted before that he wants to destroy ZANU(PF) from within, right now he is surrounded by all these young boys who equally used to write trash about your husband and our party, like

Psychology Maziwisa and the Mai Jukwa boy. But after all this he gets all your trust to the extend that all of us who have been in the party, who fought the Smith regime while you were a toddler, after all that you trust him and you say Pasi na Joice Mujuru, you say pasi na Mutasa, you say pasi na everyone. Cde Mutasa told you that you, as of now are an ordinary card carrying ZANU(PF) member, not even a Cell or Branch Executive member but a card carrying member. So equally you are a political nonentity. And Saviour Kasukuwere, God Jesus, that boy who was a driver, a mere driver just like you who was a mere typist. And these are the people who are surrounding Emmerson Mnangagwa and he is very happy that he has support in the party. I am tempted to laugh you know but I wont because this is a serious matter. The fact that Bob is quiet means that he is approving what you are saying and doing. By the way who is paying for all those expenses? We see your face is now on T-shits, on posters. We see that you are moving around with lorry loads of inputs. Who is paying for that? We know that Munangagwa is busy dishing the money he is looting from Marange.

Is he not the one who registered the company “Army” which is mining diamonds in Marange? What Army is mining diamonds in

Marange when the boys , our soldiers, are starving in the camps. So Philip Chiyangwa should not noise us that he is the one sourcing the funds. He is a thief and yes he is extorting money from the few remaining white farmers but pocketing it. Poor whites, they are in trouble. And you say I am extorting money, I am a thief bla bla bla, wow, I hope the nation will judge you harshly for saying that. Who between you and me is a billionaire? I have a printout of all the money you and Bob have in offshore accounts. Iti pwee and I will publish everything. I can only tell you that in ZANU (PF), we will all go to hell because we all have stolen and the biggest thief is your husband and yourself. So dont embarrass yourself by talking about corruption. Yes I have diamond mines and so does Munangagwa who facilitated the killing of our boys in uniform in DRC so that he could loot there. And he is a billionaire as a result. And poor Christopher Mutsvangwa, shame, what you dont know is that this man is now mentally unstable.

During the war he was busy killing innocent povo during pungwes accusing them of being traitors or witches, burning some alive till

they die. Now its coming back to hound him thats why he is behaving funny. And he is also part of the Munangagwa faction leaders. So I wont waste my time replying to his insults at me. But now Grace, let me say, you have reached a point of no return. Ask any pilot he will tell you that there is a point when you have to take off no matter what happens. Its a point of no return. I told you that I was/am Teurai Ropa Nhongo but now I want to be Teura Ropa .

Check the difference.


Teura Ropa Nhongo

Source: The Zimbabwe Mail