“I had s*x with Zimbabwe’s leading prophet & he was ready to marry me,” says Beverly Sibanda

Zoey Sifelani and Beverly Sibanda

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda alleges that one of the leading prophets offered her a car and a house for marriage.
Speaking on Star FM’s popular programme “Zvirimugango” Bev said she turned down a leading prophet’s proposal for marriage after discovering that he was already married.“I will not name him but I fell in love with a prophet and he offered me everything for marriage but I later realised that he was married and I left him,” he said.

“He was unfortunate that I found it inhuman to marry him knowing that he has a wife. Don’t get it wrong please I have never mentioned any name but the truth is when they called me to their church I thought it was genuine,” she said.

She said she would rather  go to Masowe (apostolic sect) than to go to some prophets who are after money.

“May be you don’t know that I go to Masowe because these so called big churches are something else,” she said.

She said she was relieved that she has finally said it out.

“I had no peace in my mind but now I have said it I am now able to sleep,” she said.

The dancer made headlines when he joined the Prophetic Deliverance Ministries lead by Walter Magaya and dumped the church after making many allegations.

Recently she alleged that Magaya had offered to buy her a car if she returns to his church.

Source: Herald