If you stand up against Zimbabwe President Mugabe you get dumped, Welcome to abject poverty dumped minister Dzikamai Mavhaire!


The factional warfare going on in Zanu PF was expected; as the nation economy has continued to shrink – and it has been shrinking at an alarming rate since the 31 July 2013 rigged elections – and there was less and less wealth available to go round, fighting would break out amongst the ruling elite over who get what? The fighting is fierce because the ruling elite are used to getting a lion’s share and will not brook sharing. The very fact that a life of abject poverty awaits all those fail to get a share has turned the fighting into a dog-eat-dog. 

There have been many skirmishes in the past but the decisive battles have been fought with the entry of Grace Mugabe on the political stage. Whilst Mugabe, as First Secretary of Zanu PF, banish everyone from campaigning for position in the forthcoming elective congress in December and banished everyone from holding an press interviews his wife was allowed to hold country wide rallies and the press followed her wherever she went. She attached VP Joyce Mujuru, who is her main challenger to the position of VP and ultimately to the presidency, for the word go. 

Dzikamai Mavhaire

Grace went for the kill, straight for the jugular vein, and poor Mai Mujuru had her hands tied behind her back and her feet too were tied so she not kick or run away through the gags Mugabe ordered. It is now certain that Grace Mugabe will be appointed one of the two VPs and heir apparent at the party congress. 

The only real winner here is Robert Mugabe; he has, once again, outwitted his Zanu PF colleagues. He got the Mnangagwa faction to adopt his wife as their candidate for the top job which Mnangagwa had eyed for donkey years. The Mujuru faction was not only lost the top job but many of her supporters have lost their places at the top table too. 

Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have done nothing to stop the Zanu PF juggernaut that has destroyed the country’s once prosperous economy. 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty today thanks to the decades of misrule and corruption by this Mugabe dictatorship. In the next few months the number of those living in abject poverty will be swelled considerably as the thousands of mostly Mujuru supporters are “dumped” as Grace Mugabe blandly put it.

Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and his Masvingo homeboy, Provincial Affairs Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti are two who have already been told they will be dumped. Welcome comrades! Welcome! Matitsika! 

The late Nathan Shamuyarira and Enos Nkala would have welcomed you comrades to Zimbabwe’s biggest and fastest growing group – 62% poor of which 16% are destitute. Life expectancy for filthy rich who can afford an eye check-up to Singapore eight times a year @ $3 million a trip is 90 years plus. When one cannot afford even one decent meal a day even party grandees soon succumb to death. 

It is true that where there is poverty, death is not far behind! 

When Shamuyarira and Nkala died, they got a decent coffin. Zanu PF even painted the former’s house the day he died to hide the years of neglect, rot and decay brought on by abject poverty. It was sickeningly cynical of the party but you, Comrade Mavhaire, must know all about just how cruel and cynical Mugabe and Zanu PF is. 

Now that Zanu PF Supremo President, Grace Mugabe, has publicly denounced you it will be no surprise that you will not be declared district hero and thus get a State funded coffin which is what Shamuyarira and Nkala got. You will be buried in something befitting of your new found pauper social status – a dirty blanket.  

If there is anyone who “deserves” to living in abject poverty then it must be these Zanu PF Ministers and Officials. For 34 years they have been at Mugabe’s side whilst he destroyed the country’s economy and rod roughshod over the people’s dreams and hopes of freedom, liberty and justice. And throughout all those years they have done nothing to stop this criminal waste of the country’s wealth and rich and tragic human suffering and unnecessary deaths. Now these ministers will know exactly what we the ordinary people have been suffered!

Comrade Dzakamai Mavhaire, maivhaira muchifunga kuti zvehu Minister hazviperi. Nhasi zvapera, mazodzikama. it must. 

Source: Byo24News by Wilbert Mukori