I’m glued to my “Sugar Daddy”, I can’t let him go even after finding out that he is married


THANK you for your platform, Mai Chisamba. I am a 23-year-old young and virgin lady at a local university.

The problem is that last year when we were kuma sports I met a certain guy who proposed love to me and it took me about five months to accept his proposal as I was trying to verify everything about him but hapana chandakaona, varume know how best to conceal things.
I can say we were deeply in love until recently when I got the shock of my life when I received a call from his wife saying she has been going through our WhatsApp conversation with her husband and told me to leave him or else “urikuzofa ndiri muzukuru wen’anga” as she clearly explained.
Mai Chisamba, for real I am failing to dissociate myself from him. I haven’t slept with him. Aah zvinoita varumeka, please help me I’m failing to focus, I’m really hurt. When I talked to him about it he just apologised and admitted, and again continued to do everything he did for me. Yes it may sound silly for someone to continue mujoko rakadai but ndiri kurevesa and I really need help because handisi kuzvidawo but ndorwadziwa kumusiya since I tried it several times zvichiramba kushanda. My mom will be disappointed kunzwa zvakadai, I’m the only girl kumba kwedu, Mai Chisamba, worse still I’m last born. I don’t want to disappoint my mom and the wife also but problem shuwa ndatadza kusiyana naye. Handisi kuzvida, I even pray about it ndotombomu blocker pa phone but after about three weeks will end up takutaura tese.
Aah I’m fed up handichada, I try to move on but I end up turning down one’s proposal, of which vanenge vachitova ve age yangu, unlike that 10-year gap between me and the man. It’s not like I keep on hanging because he brings gifts, etc, no. Hapana chandisingaitirwe kumba. Ndinoenda nezvese kuchikoro kumba vanoita zvidavado kuti ndive mwana pane vamwe but zvinenge zvatovawo nemhepo handizvide ini please help me.

Mai Chisamba

Thank you for writing in. At 23 you are still very young to be involved munyaya dzema small house especially that you now know. Instead of clinging to this man you should be thanking the Lord that you discovered this before you slept with him or even fell pregnant. You are right kuti varume vanogona kuvanza hupenyu hwavo but the oldest trick is to insist to go to his house every now and then.
Get to know his inner circle of friends and a few relatives unozvibata chete. Now that you know the truth about this cheat why can’t you set yourself free? This is a shameful relationship, if he is cheating on his life partner, his wedded wife, why can’t he cheat on you? Please put on your thinking cap kani.
If you really want you can walk away from this guy but you have a problem, you are both greedy and lustful. This guy has admitted that he is married, mind you he is not going to divorce his wife for you saka zvozodini? I felt sick when you said your mom would be disappointed, what about you? We are talking about your life not your mother’s.
Have you ever heard about HIV and AIDS and so many other diseases that are caused by engaging in multiple relationships? Hapana mhepo apa, iwe ndiwe mhepo yacho watadza kumhara uchibvuma chokwadi.
Are you aware that the wife can use the law and sue you for adultery? Do you know this man can rape you? This guy is simply taking advantage of you and many other girls vanodawo twunhu sewe, who knows. You say it may sound silly to continue with this joke, the truth is it does not only sound silly, it is indeed.
The only person who can help is you so for goodness sake do yourself a favour and move on. Chimboedza kunamata kuna Mwari mupenyu, there is power in prayer and you will get the deliverance you need. Good luck.

Siblings won’t co-operate
Mai Chisamba, I hope I find you well. Mine is not quite a problem but confusion.
I come from a very good background, a family of two daughters and two sons. Three of us are degreed and one did A-Level. We are all majors and don’t stay with our parents anymore. Our parents are both retired and they now don’t have that much money anymore.
Mai Chisamba, I don’t mind assisting my parents but what bothers me is I am the only one who helps out. I am the third born in my family. Ivowo vabereki pese pavanoda chinhu they request from me. Why can’t my siblings see that I am burdened, I can’t run two homes, after all I am not an only child.

Source: Sunday Mail