Is Chiyangwa gone crazy or he is just having a good time


Phillip Chiyangwa never ceases to amaze a lot of people. That he is a shrewd businessperson who has managed to make extra dollars while most of the people are languishing and living  below the poverty datum line is well documented.

However, it is his social media antics that have left many people in stitches.

The 55-year-old has been posting videos of himself waxing lyrical about his wealth, and sometimes just dancing in his office.

For a man of his stature, the videos he sometimes posts leave many people wondering what is happening.

The videos border between s*x, dance and wealth.

Chiyangwa and girl friend From-America-met-on-the-internet
Chiyangwa met this woman on the internet and they have been having an affair ever since. We understand she is based or was once based in the US.

In the latest video, Chiyangwa is seen dancing in his office. In the other video he produced less than a month ago, the flamboyant businessperson boasted about his Borrowdale ‘white house’, which he says is 33 bedroomed.

Early this year, Chiyangwa produced another video-selfie, filmed as he was  being chauffer driven to Bulawayo in a Rolls Royce.

The clip begins with Chiyangwa dancing in the backseat and then boastfully saying “yeah, it’s the big R (Rolls Royce), all the way to Bulawayo to give a one time show, drinks are in the fridge”; at which he opens a fridge under the arm-rest.

In another video, Chiyangwa tells his girlfriend that he wants to kiss her lips and squeeze the “s…” out of her.

Chiyangwa has previously blamed his close associates for leaking the videos.

Many people who comment on the videos usually question what is going on with the business mogul.

“I think the old man is now crazy. How a person of his stature and status can posts such childish videos beats logic. Can Chiyangwa give his children sound advice judging from such actions,” said one Facebook user, Tawanda Madhovi.

However, other social media users have defended him, saying that it was his only way of siphoning stress.

“The man has been through a lot in life. He has worked, and please leave him enjoy his money. Maybe that is his way of  releasing  stress and mind you, social media is there for people to interact and make fun,” said Sekai Madiro.

Chiyangwa could not be reached for comment on Monday

Source: Byo24News