Jealous woman poisons hubby’s food & scalds him with hot cooking oil

Hubby scalded with oil
Talent Ndini: Before & After Picture

REFUSING to turn off  the music from a DVD player left a Penhalonga man with permanent scars on his body after being scalded with cooking oil by his wife recently.
It seems peace had no place in the couple’s home as their appearance at Mutare Magistrate’s Court saw accusations and counter-accusations flying left, right and centre.

To the couple, everyone was to blame for the state of affairs in the family.
During their last Friday’s court appearance, the wife, Linnet Makoni (29) accused her hubby, Talent Ndini (23), of being physically and verbally abusive.

The two appeared before Mutare magistrate Mr Makamera Waini with Makoni being accused of intentionally scalding Ndini with cooking oil.
Ndini sustained injuries on the face and hand as a result.

Mr Waini adjourned the matter and Makoni was remanded in custody.
Testifying before a packed courtroom, Makoni justified her actions saying she committed the heinous act as revenge because she had suffered a lot at Ndini’s hands.

“I poured hot cooking oil on Talent because he physically and verbally abused me. He occasionally called me a prostitute,” she said.
Allegations were that, sometime in July this year, the couple had a misunderstanding when Ndini was preparing to go to work one morning.
Makoni asked Ndini to switch off music on the DVD player saying it was making noise.

Ndini was not forthcoming and this did not go down well with Makoni, who subsequently took a pot full of hot cooking oil and hurled it on his face, chest and hand.

Ndini reported the case to the police and was ferried to Mutare Provincial Hospital.
The visibly distraught Ndini, who was still nursing the fresh burns, told The Weekender last Tuesday that they were having marital problems and had stopped sharing the matrimonial bed with his violent wife.

He said he had since found himself a loving girlfriend who could sometimes provide his family with some groceries since he could not withstand Makoni’s unbecoming behaviour.

“Linnet has not been in good books with my family members, especially after we got married. We could argue everyday. That is the reason I decided to turn my back on her. I have since advised her to find an alternative bed to sleep on.

“She was, however, adamant and became more stubborn. We partitioned our room and I began sleeping and staying in the dining room.
“She was using the bedroom and the kitchen. Akaramba kurambwa.

“She advised me to formally tell her parents that I was no longer interested in our relationship, but her parents instead told me to solve the issue as an adult.

“I found myself a loving girlfriend. She cared more for our two-year-old baby,” he said.
Ndini suspected that Makoni had long planned to attack and injure him.

“She started a quarrel. It was not really necessary.
“I told her to pack all her belongings and leave the house, but she never listened. I had also refused to turn off the radio.

“This rather infuriated her. She proceeded to the kitchen and came back with some boiling cooking oil. I never thought she would do such a thing. She ran away and left me helpless. I tried to pour cold water on my body, but it worsened the situation.

“I managed to report the attack to the police and later proceeded to Mutare Provincial Hospital.
“On my way to the police, I heard Linnet shouting at me saying nhasi ndakugona, ndaishaiwa kuti ndokuuraya sei nekuti wairamba kudya chikafu chandaikubikira.

“Chindiramba hako hauzodiwi nekuti wava chirema. (I have finally fixed you. I tried to poison your food, but you would not eat it. You can proceed to divorce me. I don’t care because no-one will be interested in dating a disabled person).

“I strongly believe that she wanted me dead. She would threaten me if I refused to eat her food.
“Thank God I am alive,” he said.  Ndini said he was slowly recuperating. He said that he was having difficulties hearing and was afraid he could not properly hear again.

Source: Manica Post