Just 2 months after their colourful wedding, Sharon Macheso marriage crumbles


Sharon Macheso and here husband Kuda Munetsi have SEPARATED just two months after their colourful wedding held on Defence Forces Day whose union was blessed by equally controversial Prophet Magaya.

Sharon, the first born child of sungura musician Alick Macheso, has since moved back into her parents’ house, leaving her husband, who stands accused of constantly physically assaulting her.

Sources said Sharon has hinted that she is no longer interested in the marriage and wants a divorce from her alleged violent husband of two months.

“Mira ndiku kisse Kuda,” Sharon Macheso tells hubby Kudakwashe Munetsi ( Happy times -Honeymoon in Victoria Falls)

Given that it’s still early into their marriage, there will be spirited efforts to get them back although there are serious doubts over Munetsi’s behaviour. The youthful man who spent nearly half a decade in South Africa is said to be a drunkard to downs alcohol like nobody’s business. he is further accused of turning violent when he gets dead drunk.

It is said MUnetsi has clashed with Sharon over his drunken behaviour. A source who grew up with Sharon’s husband in Chitungwiza and is a friend to Munetsi’s sister who was only identified as Rumbidzai further alleged that before getting married to Sharon, MUnetsi was a known womaniser. “I also doubt if he has stopped his womanising behaviour, but as you know, alcohol and women go hand in hand,” a mole told My Zimbabwe News.

Sharon Macheso and Kudakwashe Munetsi Honeymoon @ Victoria Falls

Another source confirmed the separation and said the newly married couple started fighting just after their wedding.

“The two have now separated and Sharon has since moved back into her parents’ house. This fighting has been going on for some time, during their short stint together. Sharon and Kuda have clashed several times with Kuda’s drinking behaviour being cited as the trouble causer. A divorce is imminent because Sharon has expressed her displeasure in the marriage,” said the source.

Another close source said papers for protection order are being processed and might be filed in the Harare Civil Court today (Friday).

Reports are that all hell broke loose last Sunday when Munetsi allegedly assaulted Sharon resulting in her approaching the police, leading to the ‘KUNG-FU’ fighter’s arrest.

“That was the final straw in their rocky relationship when Munetsi was arrested over the bashing. They have since approached a lawyer for a protection order to be drafted,” said the source.

It is said there was a clash on Monday after the release of Munetsi from the police cells with Macheso camp suspecting foul play. Reports are that Munetsi infuriated Sharon by criticising the Chitungwiza house they received from Alick Macheso as a wedding gift.

Munetsi is said to have been demanding a car saying that he used money originally meant for that to renovate a ‘substarndard’ house they got from Sharon’s celebrity father.

Further allegations are that Munetsi is threatening to demand his US$6,500 lobola back as he ‘bought’ a wife he is unhappy with.

Source: MyZimbabwe