Live Updates of the ongoing activities at the much awaited Zimbabwe Zanu PF politburo meeting


Zanu-PF supporters have converged at the party headquarters prior to the crunch politburo meeting  to be held today at a time when the party is facing factionalism issues.

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1406  Chinotimba took to the podium soon after the President’s address. He says “Vataipa macards eparty tichivanyorera macards isu asi ndovava muPolitburo. Vatakadzidzisa mupolitics ndovava muPolitburo.” He declares there will be at Congress with a new executive.

1355 “The party has its own ways of dealing with problems. Inga kana michato  inodambuka wani…you can’t immediately chase your wife, you give her time.” He says in response to people saying fire all corrupt people.

“Congress is around the corner be patient, we will discuss all this don’t vote for those you don’t want.”

With that President Mugabe ends his address.

1348 “We hear people were being stopped from attending the event…Saka Jabulani akutonga munyika muno?”

13:42 On Jabulani Sibanda, Mugabe says “… ndimi munonzi makamutengera mota akazopihwa dzimwe shanu kubva kuna vaButau… abva anamata vakamupa…”

13:27 President Mugabe blasts those who were against Dr Mugabe’s rallies. “Madzimai pachavo ndovakati toda kuti amai vatitungamirire, chakaipa chii?”

13:22 President Mugabe thanks the people for coming saying “makatakurwa nemhepo yeChimurenga”…. “Matundundunu enyu azere neshungu ekuti nhasi pano paZanu-PF chokwadi chibude. Handisati ndanzwa kuti gamatox zvinorevei muchatondidzidzisa,  VaMutasa ndakabvunza nokuti zvinonzi ndovakatanga naro. Mugabe expresses ignorance over the meaning of the Gamatox slogan.

I talked with him for two hours telling about the allegations and he said no. Vanoda chehupresident vamwewo. Zvino kana vaine shungu yakuda chemberi ndoyovo fira here?

When I said party yava nezvipfukuto vanoti ndakati zviisei gamatox hino gamatox mumwe chete ndozvovofira here?

Our party is a revolutionary party, it was formed by many leaders who have died , I am one of them we didn’t  form the party for ourselves but for the people. We didn’t have that culture of fighting for positions ever since.

13:09 Mutasa tried to address the crowd but stopped due to heckling.

13:08 He says they no longer have confidence in Jabulani Sibanda. He says they are desciplined and will never march to the State House as he pleads for new leadership before Congress.

13:05 Patrick Nyaruwata is now on the podium representing war veterans. He says they have been troubled by Jabulani Sibanda and to say that his statements are not reflective of war vets’ sentiment. He adds that they are behind the elevation of Dr Grace Mugabe.

Zanu-PF Women’s League Security secretary Shuvai Mahofa says they approached First Lady Grace Mugabe to lead them.

12:51 Representatives of war veterans say the leadership are using their wealth in vote buying and they are there to for three things being that noone will remove President Mugabe from power, secondly to support Dr Grace Mugabe and to demonstrate against the statements by Jabulani Sibanda. Gomwe said supporters had a torrid time coming as they were being harassed at police roadblocks.

12:45 President Mugabe comes to the podium amidst chants of “Gushungo” and beside him is Didymus Mutasa,

12:40 Justice Mayor Wadyajena is now on the podium and says “Tingafe here mayouths vamwe vachigovana vega…pasi nema 10 percent he says and the song “Zimbuya repaDotito zimuroyi” pops up again.

12:29 Didymus Mutasa took to the podium but faced resistnace from party supporters gathered until Chinotimba intervened saying “order kana vakuru vachitaura, nyararai” Mutasa went on to say “Handiite pasi negamatox yamunondimanikidza, hamundimanikidzwe” before leaving the podium. President Mugabe is about to come out.

12:04 War vets say those saying they don’t attend events where the slogan “Pasi neGamatox” is chanted should know that Zanu-PF slogans do change with time.

12:04 War vets are castigating Jabulani Sibanda.

12:00 “War vets, we are at war, not with Morgan but within ourselves.”

11:58 Chinotimba is back on the podium and boasts “Ndinodiwa nevanhu ini…mukamisa Chinotimba naJabu anodiwa nevanhu ndiani?… Ndini nekuti ndakavhoterwa” in a swipe at Jabulani Sibanda. “Tichakanda vanhu vasingade Baba naAmai mudziva.. nhasi harizi zuva rezvichemo, we are in solidarity with the president”

11:37 People start singing ” Zimbuya repaDotito zimuroyi”. According to Chinotimba, President Mugabe is expected  to address the gathering anytime soon. He sings “Ukamuona  akadaro unofunga aribhoo mwoyo wake wakaora” in reference to sell outs. Provincial youth chairpersons are being introduced  and are all doing the popular slogan “Pasi NeGamatox”.

11:29 “Hapana anotora chigaro chaGushungo, hamuzivi kwachakabva.”

11:28 Chinotimba is back on the podium.

Youths break into song “…tiri parwendo naGushungo, hapadiwe ndonda pakufamba.”

11:40 Godfrey Tsenengamu denounces Sibanda. He says youths will not keep quiet when war veterans lose direction.

11:21 President Mugabe has used the basement ramp entrance to enter the party headquarters.

11:20 Sources say VP earlier this morning and is already inside.

11:17 President Mugabe arrives for the meeting and people start chanting “Gushungo! Gushungo!”

11:15 Flora Buka, Cleveria Chizema and Sithembiso Nyoni arrive.

11:09 Kembo Mohadi and Jacob Mudenda arrive for the politburo meeting.

11:05 Politburo members have started arriving.Provincial war veterans chairpersons are going into a closed door meeting as they prepare to address the people.

Applause as Mnangagwa arrives and a rousing welcome for Chinotimba.

10:22 Crowds burst into song “…Zimuroyi, zimbuya repaDotito, zimuroyi…”

Chinotimba meanwhile is on the podium and tries to maintain order among the youths saying “Musaite faninga Jabu imi, rongekai” and the youths respond “Ngaende ngaende Jabulani Sibanda”

10:35 Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters mainly youths, war veterans and women are gathered at the party’s headquarters  in Harare waving placards denouncing VP Mujuru and war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda.

The demonstration, being held just before a crunch Politburo meeting today, was organised by war veterans with a view to show President Mugabe that the party supporters are behind him.

The party supporters are holding placards written “Pasi ne 10 percent”,  “Jabulani puppet ya Dr 10 Percent”, “Pasi nemaChairman efake”, “Mavambo mumba mako iwe”.

Harare provincial youth chairman, Godwin Gomwe, said the demonstration will show those harbouring presidential ambitions that President Mugabe is still in charge.

VP Mujuru has been accused of demanding 10 percent shares in companies among other sordid deals like illicit diamond sales and undermining the authority of the president.

More party supporters are coming and the venue is proving to be too small for the crowd.

10:20 People are carrying posters that carry messages denouncing Mai Mujuru and Jabulani Sibanda. “Pamberi nekufumura mbavha….” “Ngenani muhofisi dhokotela Grace…” “Chimbonwawo Mazowe Orange Crush.”

10:12 Most people have been bused from Midlands to demonstrate against Jabulani Sibanda and Mai Mujuru with some claiming that they were not told why they had been invited. 

Source: NewsDay