Man caught red-handed having s*x with girlfriend in a car ,outside a Police bar

The romp took place outside ZRP’s Silver Oaks. Inset: NABBED FOR S*X . . . Brian Matambo
The romp took place outside ZRP’s Silver Oaks. Inset: NABBED FOR S*X . . . Brian Matambo

A SENIOR police officer who was having a nice time out with colleagues at the ZRP-owned Silver Oaks drinking spot in Mutare had the shock of a lifetime when he bumped into lovebirds who were having unprotected s*x in a vehicle parked just outside the officers’ mess.
The cop smelt a rat when he heard screams and groans from the car, which was also shaking as if travelling on a bumpy road. “ndakanzwa kuchemerera kwe munhukadzi achiti nyatsokoira-koira…usamire usamire kani Brian…ndanakirwa ini…unogona Brian usamire kani”
Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri said Brian Matambo (34), who resides in Area 3 section of Dangamvura high-density suburb, and Rumbidzai Simango (32), who comes from the P section of the same suburb, were caught semi-naked having s*x in the car.

They pleaded guilty to the offence and were fined $20 each for breaching Section 77 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which criminalises public nuisance.

“Last Saturday night at around 9, the two accused persons went to drink beer at Silver Oaks. They spent some time there and later got into their vehicle where they were found having s*x by a senior police officer. They were subsequently arrested and taken to Mutare Central Police Station,” said Insp Chishiri.

He urged members of the public to respect public places.
Those who witnessed the drama said it was a free-for-all, as the lovebirds came out of the vehicle without undergarments.

“Several police officers who reside nearby and those who were drinking inside the bar came out to see. They were surprised how the two had the guts to have s*x at a police officers’ mess. I felt sorry for the woman, who came out almost naked. She was shy and was at a loss for words as people booed her. I felt pity for her,” said a witness.

A man who claimed that he was with the lovebirds before they went to Silver Oaks said the two were having quality time and had previously done it some few hours before the vehicle incident. This was the second round.

‘‘I was with them since afternoon. They were head over heels in love and I think they failed to control their feelings and ended up having s*x at the police officers’ mess. I don’t know where they got the courage to do it at Silver Oaks because it’s a police area.”

Many people are having s*x in cars and in the bush because they are failing to afford lodge charges.
Last year, an apostolic sect leader was filmed having s*x with a married woman in the thickets of Nyakamete Industrial Area in Mutare.
Several people have been robbed at roadsides while having s*x in vehicles, especially along the mountainous Vumba area.

Source: Manica Post