Man tasted the “honey jar” of his brother’s wife, enjoyed its sweetness & impregnated her, dumped his wife


A man yesterday told a Harare magistrate that he ran away from his matrimonial home after being assaulted by a “mafia” hired by his wife who had caught him with a girlfriend. Patrick Mushonga claimed his wife, Grace Bhasikiti, is in the habit of visiting his workplace where she insults him in front of his bosses. This was revealed at the Harare Civil Court where Mushonga was seeking a protection order against Bhasikiti.
Mushonga claimed that Bhasikiti was now visiting his new place of residence where she physically and verbally abused him.

“She even attempted to commit suicide at my workplace last month after taking an overdose of hypertension tablets.
“Whenever I try to apologise to her about the girlfriend, she turns a deaf ear on me and becomes violent,” he said.

Bhasikiti refuted the allegations accusing Mushonga of telling lies. She said Mushonga ran away from their house to stay with his late elder brother’s wife whom he was now in love with.

“We are always quarrelling because he is not taking care of the family and paying rent for the house we are staying in,” she said.
Bhasikiti said Mushonga was refusing to pay school fees for their child who is failing to collect his Form 4 results because of an outstanding debt.

“He impregnated his elder brother’s wife only a month after he had died before running away from home,” she said.
Magistrate Babra Masinire deferred the matter to today for ruling.

Meanwhile, another man yesterday told a Harare magistrate that he was living in fear of his wife who is in the habit threatening to poison him whenever they have a misunderstanding.

Lynos Nyamutsa also complained that his wife, Chido Mutsaru, regularly threatened to hire a “mafia” gang to assault him.
“She doesn’t have respect for me anymore as she is in the habit of insulting me in public,” he said.

Nyamutsa said Mutsaru chased him out of their matrimonial home on April 22 this year on flimsy grounds.
“I want the court to assist me because at times she physically assaults me over petty issues.

“I am now afraid that she might come with her ‘mafia’ at my new place of residence and physically assault me,” he said.
Nyamutsa, who  is seeking a protection order against his estranged wife, said he was no longer interested in the marriage since Mutsaru was always threatening to poison his food.

Magistrate Babra Masinire granted the protection order in default which barred Mutsaru from physically or verbally abusing Nyamutsa.
She told Nyamutsa that the court had no jurisdiction to deal with divorce orders and ordered him to approach the proper court for that.

Source: Herald