Married Pastor had unprotected s*x with his niece on several occasions with his wife’s blessings


AN Umguza married pastor who allegedly raped his Form Three niece with the blessings of his wife on several occasions until she fell pregnant has appeared in court.
Lemison Moyo, 33, decided to confide in a female prophet from another church the year-long s*xual abuse on the girl, but after listening to his “story”, the woman reported the matter to the police.

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The victim had an abortion but it was not stated who assisted her to terminate the pregnancy.
Moyo appeared before regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere yesterday and claimed that he was in love with his niece.
He added that he had indulged in s*xual intercourse with her using different types of s*xual positions.
Taking the witness stand, the girl said Moyo started having s*x with her in December 2012 when she was still a virgin and later forced her to cut all ties with her maternal relatives
“My uncle used to rape me after discussing with his wife and they would assault me for no reason. I kept the abuse to myself because I was banned from conversing with anyone,” she said.
“I finally got fed up and decided to write my other maternal aunt a letter narrating my ordeal and notifying her that I was contemplating suicide. She fetched me from Moyo’s home and took me to her friend who is a prophet and I gathered strength to tell the prophet everything that had happened to me while I was under Moyo’s care.”
The girl said Moyo would buy her gifts ranging from underwear, soap and facial lotions and her aunt, who is married to Moyo, was aware of what was happening.
“I was so scared and confused then and I failed to tell anyone of the abuse because Moyo would threaten me. I once tried telling my aunt what was happening but she accused me of trying to steal her husband from her.”
Magistrate Mberewere remanded the matter in which Trust Muduma prosecuted to November 7.

Source: Chronicle