Married woman screams for help naked after she had s*x with a married Zimra Boss


A married senior Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) official and his girlfriend fled naked from a bush in Victoria Falls, where they were allegedly having s*x when a herd of elephants invaded their love nest.

The hapless pair reportedly jumped into their branded Mazda B1800 vehicle and sped off, only to ram into a stationary haulage truck.

The incident that has set the resort town abuzz occurred at about 10PM on Thursday at the Stanley and Livingstone Hotel turn-off.

Jambo Nyongo, 47, a supervisor in charge of the registry department in Hwange and his alleged married lover Sophia Penga, 29, who is a security guard at Cobra Security Company were rushed to Victoria Falls General Hospital

Nyongo has since been discharged from hospital while Penga is still battling for life at the institution.

Good Samaritans who stopped to attend to the accident said Nyongo and Penga were only dressed in green vests.

Jabulani George Murapa who is the driver of the haulage truck that they rammed into said he found himself in a catch-22 as he could not put his hands on Penga to get her out of the car.

“The two accident victims were completely naked at the bottom while at the top they were putting on green vests. I had a breakdown near Masui Bridge in Victoria Falls and I put a reflective triangle as is the norm. At about 10PM, I saw a speeding Mazda B1800 belonging to Zimra and it went straight into the back of my truck.
Elephants ruin Zimra boss’ bush sex tryst
“When other motorists and I got to the victims to help them, we were very shocked to see the two completely nude. I only managed to remove the driver from the car but didn’t know how I could help the naked woman who was screaming for help”, he said.

Nyongo confirmed that he was taken from the scene of the accident naked but attributed his nudity to poor services rendered by paramedics who attended the accident scene.

“Yes I was naked when I was removed from the car but this is because the paramedics who came to the scene cut our clothes off as they tried to rescue us from the wreckage. Allegations of s*x or that this woman is my small house are unfounded. She is just my long-time friend,” he said, without explaining how a 47-year-old married man would have a long-time female friend who is only 29 years old and is married.

Other sources close to the accident said Penga is a married woman who had left home in uniform purportedly going to work only to be involved in an accident while naked.

“We wonder how this happened. She left her home in uniform going to work but I don’t understand how her clothes were taken off and how she ended up in Victoria Falls,” said one source.

As word of the story spread like wildfire, there was mayhem at Victoria Falls General hospital with Chinotimba residents jostling to catch a glimpse of the naked couple when the ambulance arrived with the couple.

The officer commanding Victoria Falls Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiona declined to comment and referred questions to national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, who could not be reached on her mobile phone.

Source: Chronicle