Masvingo man stabbed himself after reading a WhatsApp message on his wife’s phone


A MASVINGO man is lucky to be alive after he ripped his stomach open with an okapi knife, apparently enraged by a WhatsApp message on his wife’s phone which was allegedly from a lover.

Hebert Munhenzwa, 46, of Pangolin suburb is recovering at Masvingo General Hospital where his stomach has since been sewn up.

Munhenzwa lost it after reading a “suggestive” WhatsApp message on wife Monica Mazhambe’s mobile phone which he claimed came from another man.

Neighbours told that Munhenzwa stabbed himself twice in the stomach and was rushed to hospital with his intestines in his hands.

Acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa could neither confirm nor deny the incident which happened last Wednesday at around 5pm. caught up with Munhenzwa at the hospital on Friday.

He initially denied stabbing himself, claiming he fell on a sharp metal object which ripped his stomach but later opened up and told of the moment he thought he would die after knifing himself in a fit of rage.

Relating his close shave, Munhenzwa said: “I arrived home at around 4pm from town where I do piece jobs; I’m self-employed. A few minutes later, a WhatsApp message came into my wife’s phone and I opened it.

“I was stunned to see it was coming from another man who I believe is my wife’s lover. It read ‘I miss you sweetie, I cannot wait to see you again’.”

He said his blood boiled with rage and he challenged Monica, 32, to explain the message but she would not say anything.

“The shock and disappointment were too much for me. I never thought my wife could cheat on me as I sacrifice so much to show her how much I love her. At that moment, I saw no reason to continue living,” he said.

“There is nothing more painful than being betrayed by someone you love and trust. I am sponsoring her education at Leocync Academy where she is doing a course.”

He said he grabbed the knife and plunged it into his stomach.

“I actually saw my intestines spilling out and my life flashed in front of my eyes. I became progressively weaker as I tried to scoop them back in.

“There was so much blood. At some point I became unconscious. I don’t know how I was brought to hospital.”

He however regretted trying to kill himself saying he had acted rashly in “a moment of madness”. He said he wanted to forgive his wife and reconcile with her.

“I suspect she is seeing other men but I still love her and hope to live amicably with her once again. I really love my wife,” added Munhenzwa.

Monica refused to comment about the incident.

But a neighbour who asked not to be named said it is not the first time Munhenzwa had stabbed himself over his wife’s alleged infidelity.

“In 2011, Munhenzwa attempted to kill himself over a similar issue. Last year he stabbed himself on the neck and he has scars.

“Fortunately in all incidents, he survived. I think he needs professional counselling,” said the neighbour.
Source: NewZimbabwe