Masvingo woman m*sturbated 10 times a day until her marriage broke


A Masvingo woman aged 39 years, Leticia Gavare, giving testimony during Prophet Magaya’s service has disclosed that her marriage broke down because of her excessive indulgence in “pleasuring herself”

Leticia revealed that she used to”amuse” herself sometimes as much as ten times on a single day, adding that then, before deliverance she actually preferred it to bedding her husband. According to Leticia she started m*sturbating when she was just 10-years-old. “ndai bonyora kusvika mwiri wangu wese wazara ziya, kunyangwe hazvo murume wangu aive nenhengo hombe zvakashaya basa….zvigunzwe zvangu zvaindinakira kupfura murume wangu” After her marriage broke down, she claimed that she sought help from various Apostolic churches but to no avail until she spotted Prophet Magaya performing wonders on Yaddah TV.

According to PHD Spin Doctors, Leticia came for help to PHD Ministries on the 19th of June this year and was equipped with an anointed sticker and the Anointing Oil with directions to use. When she arrived back home, she applied the oil on her privates as directed believing that God would take mercy on her soul and relieve her of her “affliction” and it worked just like that.Source: PHD Ministries Online



  1. PHD ministries online kindly treat your client, Leticia’s plight in confidence for the sake of safeguarding her personality. She has children, friends, acquaintances and so many respectable people around her.