Mathematics teacher and his Form 6 pupil exchanged blows in class in full view of other students.

Pupils at Milton High School in Bulawayo
Milton High School Students in Bulawayo

A MILTON High school Mathematics teacher and his Form 6 pupil exchanged blows in class Wednesday in full view of other students.

The fight allegedly followed an attempt by the teacher to administer corporal punishment on the boy.

Government recently announced a ban on the use of corporal punishment in schools, saying it was in violation of provisions of the new Constitution on human rights.

But seemingly unaware of the ban, the teacher, Lawrence Ndebele, allegedly armed himself with a piece of a hose pipe and knobkerrie to assault Malvern Nyangani, 18, a form six pupil.

It is alleged Malvern had refused to obey the teacher’s orders to remove a pair of gloves while in class.

The school head-boy Ntandoyenkosi Moyo rushed to the staff room to report that Nyangani had refused to surrender the gloves.

Other students then watched helplessly as the teacher was bashed by his student.

Police had to be called in to douse the fight and whisked the boy away. He was cautioned and released without being charged.

“Ndebele never gave me an opportunity to explain myself about the gloves and started assaulting me with a hose-pipe.

“I managed to wrestle it from him and then he started punching me,” said the boy.

He added: “He knocked me down and started kicking me and when I rose and tried to run away but the door had been locked … I was left with no alternative but to fight back.”

The boy claims his teacher almost struck him with a knobkerrie but was restrained by a fellow teacher adding he sustained bruises on his back and a swelling on the fore heard.

School head Misheck Ngwenya could not comment, referring the case to provincial education director Dan Moyo who said he was on leave.

However, pupils said the headmaster phoned the police after realising he could not stop the fight.